About Me

“Failure only occurs when the attempt is not made.” -unk

“The only normal people are the ones you don’t know very well.” -Joe Ancis

My name Haley and I live down South, in the murky swamps (think, Swamp People) with my husband and our 3 dogs. I’m a full time student, I left my government healthcare job to continue my education. A life adjustment for sure, but we’ve been through enough of them. We just keep rolling…

I’ve been active all my life, softball and soccer growing up, I started 5k-10k’s in high school and college: TEXAS A&M, WHOOP! After college, I was lost and found a marathon group. Fast forward: almost 10 years later and 20+ marathons, 1.75 Ironmans (Asthma attack mile 13 of the run, pulled me from IM #2. Bummer for sure), countless Half marathons, 5-10k’s.

Joined Marathon Maniacs in 2007. You can join the crazy too!

I love CrossFit, I’m a total CF DB (you know, those annoying people who praise it religiously). It’s changed my views on health, exercise; made being fit fun again. I found strength, for me, I didn’t know was possible. And I’m just an average person. I don’t set any records: I do it all for me.

I’ll probably write about life, FOOD!, and random travels here along with my 365 Workout Challenge.

Say hello, stay a while! I’ve always got some iced tea & running shoes ready to go.



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