Hello, hello, is this thing on?

HI!!! Welcome! I’m pretty new to this blogging thing and it will not be winning any awards. You can leave now if you’d like; I won’t be offended.

waving hello

So, what’s the point of my narcissistic vomit? Just another blog you waste time reading? The backstory in how I got here is long, but the short answer is, my “2013 Challenge.” I’m challenging myself to do 365 days of Workouts. I was inspired by Betsy of 365 Days, 365 Workouts and decided it was far enough over the threshold of the fun/insanity line for me to try it! Just like signing up for 20 marathons without training (I only trained for the first one), or the Ironman’s, working out 365 days is in the same category. You see, I love rest days. Too much. The less you stress your muscles, the fresher they are for the next ‘workout’, right? RIGHT.
(Not. Do not try this method people.)

This log is to hold myself accountable. To make myself do the workouts. By having to write them here and make it public, for shaming.


I’m using December as time to get myself into a safe place mentally for the challenge & to get my affairs in order: learn how to use this fancy blog & finish acquiring some small home-gym items like a new yoga mat & my custom jump rope.

You’re asking yourself, WHAT kinds of workouts can she do every day? How will she not go insane? I don’t know, I’m wondering that myself. I’m brainstorming with mini-challenges or focused months/blocks of training: probably a decent amount of running, CrossFit 3-4x/week, yoga, assorted home workouts, maybe some swimming. There will be light days. I haven’t come up with the minimum amount of activity to qualify as a workout, but probably a walk or yoga. Not just walking to the store from the car, or to class, but a walk for the sole purpose of a walk. My dogs might appreciate that too.

See you later this month or Jan 1, 2013, when I’m “running” my first marathon of the year. The day after I “run” my last marathon of 2012 (#4).



5 thoughts on “Hello, hello, is this thing on?

  1. Congrats Haley! Sounds like you’re really starting off with a huge (marathon) bang! How cool! You’ll get used to the blogging in no time, you’re a very engaging writer! Best of luck!

    • Thanks so much Betsy! I struggle every year how to improve myself from the previous and your challenge, your blog was so inspiring! Thanks for the follow. I hope I can do half as well as you did.

    • Thanks, H.Ass! I think this will be fun (not), and K thinks I’ve officially gone off the deep end and doesn’t want to hear anything about it.
      Therefore, it’s perfect!!

      Love you too!

  2. I am going to strive for hitting that equilibrium where I exercise just as much as I can recover from each day. Life on the edge, so to speak. If I mess up and go over one day, I have to back off to less than the max the next day to balance out. It is the backing off that hurts the pride and the not backing off that just hurts. Have a great year.

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