The More You Know…


The strange part of the internet/blog world, is that it provides a great cloak for people to hide behind, intentionally or not. Sure, I could go into stories of Catfishing, other friends dating people they met online only to find out after months or years of long-distance that they are drunks, or were cheating the whole time. I have so much I can write here, but this is a more workout related blog, so lets get back to that….

I’ve been a part of an athletic based website that has forums and logs for workouts, for many years now. I’ve met some great people via that place, many of whom are real-life friends, and not ‘internet’ ones. However, I still frequent that site (it’s an internal struggle, as it really doesn’t have a place in my life anymore). There are many friends, friends-of-friends. But, as with all communities, including online ones, things change. The clientele changes. I noticed this with my first marathon running group, in 2004. It was a great community and family. In 2005…things started to be different. The “clique” went from a fun-loving, clean, ‘good friends’ vibe, to a ‘party, sleep around, the Head Coach taking advantage and cheating at races’ one. I left the group. Some friends stayed for another year, then they left in 2006 as it got too disgusting. It grew too much, got incestuous amongst members (married or not) and the Head Coach got another coach to carry her timing chip in a marathon, to get her a BQ time. I’ve been finding the same trends, with the internet site, as the circles of who knows whom grows.

What’s been bothering more lately, and this could be a whole different blog post, are people who do anything to ‘fit in’. They don’t want to make waves. They kiss ass to even the most vile of people (I can’t even begin to elaborate as some of the examples are violations of LAW), completely disregarding the behavior of these jerks. Do these people have no self respect? They abandon any morals or values of their own, just to fit in. Or WORSE, they never bother to even think about who they are, how they fit in the world, what kind of life they lead…all to ‘fit in’. Now, I’m not saying I’m a lone ranger who points out everyone’s character flaws, and I definitely don’t live a perfect life. I’ve made bad choices, but I try to own them and fix them, OR at least be aware of them, so I can decide if my choices and actions are fitting into my moral framework. I could elaborate and say I see, or know, women who are not empowered. They don’t have self-confidence. They place their identity into working out, they don’t know who they are, or what they stand for. Some so desperately want to be ‘liked’. Its sad for them. And do they realize it’s the INTERNET? That there probably is no way you would be ‘friends’ with this many people in real life?! Would you try desperately to pump up the most depressive of people, day in and day out, if you saw them regularly? Would you actively try to be friends with people who are serial cheaters? Or would you actively try to be friends-hang out with them?!- with people your partner has slept with? No. Probably not. They probably wouldn’t be your friend.

I really did not like Ethics and Morals at the time, but I did learn from it.

So, I’ve taken way too long a break from my little blog here at WordPress. I’m coming back! I’m still on my 365 streak! There is NO way I can go back and fill in…but I can change my mistake of abandoning this, and move forward.

Enough of this heavy shit, here’s a funny!


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