Utah, Part 1. Day 93.

The start of my back blogging. Is that a thing? This is part 1 of 3 of our April trip to Utah for the Zion 50k.

I arrived in Vegas eaaaarrrrly on Thursday morning. About 45min later, Hollis arrived. I occupied myself by doing laps around the airport, then played some crazy video slot machine by her arrival gate until she landed. I don’t understand those games. It’s like a horrible kids video game. Anyway, $0.25 well spent. (yes, that’s 25 cents)


We hopped in cab and killed time at the mall, which was supposed to be a close-to-the-highway easy location for our 3rd DB, Teeej, to pick us up. Browsed a little at Nordstrom and Lululemon (great sale rack!), then hung out outside in the fresh air. I’m sure we looked like weirdos stretching near our luggage, having some snacks, and taking short walks near the doorman guarded Nordstrom entrance.

Hollis taking a walk to the street. Umm hummm…

Anyway, Teeej arrived and we hit up a great brunch. EAT got great reviews on a couple foodie sites and it did not disappoint. It was so good we didn’t even take any pictures.
THEN we really hit the road to head to ZION!!

Into Springdale

We checked into our awesome hotel and took a little walk along the Virgin River and low-and-behold…it was only about 300m from the entrance to Zion NP! It was perfect. Words cannot describe and the pictures don’t do it justice.

View from our room. Terrible. Worst place ever. That’s the Virgin river at the trees. And the park on the other side.

In awe.

I don’t know what Hollis was doing, but I was trying to photobomb. It’s just…weird.

Between the laps in the airport, the mall walk, and walking around outside the hotel, I classify “walking” as my activity for the day! It was a long one!

Day 2 tomorrow!


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