Day 42 & 43.

Ouch. I have completely neglected my blog. Ok, I’ve addressed it, lets move on.

Day 42. Treadmill desk walking: while watching TV, Olympics mostly. 45minutes.

I was only going to blog about today, day 43, but yesterday is important. See, I *LOVE* my treadmill desk. Well, my treadmill that I made into a “desk” using a $9 shelf from Home Depot. Love, love, love it. I got my treadmill from an ad on Craigslist when I was living in Arlington, VA. Someone was moving from Ft. Belvoir and needed it gone ASAP. I lucked out with that $120 investment. It’s not the nicest treadmill, but 4, FOUR, moves later, it still worked!

The best of times.

Until yesterday.
My mom is notorious for breaking anything. Mostly major appliances or pieces of equipment though. I think she’s been through 3 lawn mowers in several years, a wheelbarrow, broke a pipe that then flooded her house and left a sewage stench for a couple days, a couple of rakes. Last week she was mowing and hit a rock that flew and broke her car window. Shattered. Let me continue…then I’ll see what else I can remember.

Last night it was cold and rainy so she wanted to use my treadmill. She was doing some walk/jog intervals. I was walking between rooms and talking then I think I hear some ‘thuds’. The TV was really loud (due to the treadmill) and she was watching the Olympics. K and I looked at each other and said, “Was that Noot? On the treadmill?” I ran into the living room (yes, I proudly have my treadmill in the living room in front of the tv) and there she was. On her back, curled up against the wall and under the end table..which is glass, so I don’t know how it wasn’t shattered on top of her.

She looked like this:

Just like this. Except under the end table.

My almost-60 year old mother. OMG. I gasped, “ARE YOU OK?!!” And she whimpered, “I think so…yeah.” I busted out laughing. I helped her up and she was frazzled. I then said, “You’re 60! What did you do?!”
(running joke she’s been using as an excuse for months, for anything. “Noot, I told you!” Her: “leave me alone! I’m SIXTY!”
“Noot, don’t do that!”
“I’m SIXTY. I can do what I want!”
She doesn’t turn 60 until December.)
She didn’t know, she thinks she clipped her foot, then came crashing down. Oh, it was funny. She’s got some road rash, but otherwise she’s ok.

Not so funny? The treadmill won’t turn on. I’ve tried everything. Reset. Unplug. Replug. Look at the fuses. I even stomped on it. I don’t know what happened other than maybe the force of her fall broke something in the motherboard. Sigh.

Day 43? Have to workout outside in the cold, drizzle since my treadmill is fried. Major sadface.

Day 1. #2.

Here we go again. It feels a little unoriginal to do this again, but honestly, it wasn’t that bad! The end of the year, Dec. mostly, I really pushed the boundaries of what I considered an acceptable, or ‘valid’ (per my rules) workout. I started sliding to less ‘real’ workouts in Oct & Nov as my marathons & trail runs peaked for 100 training. Dec was spent minimizing damage from the 100miler. So, I’m not too thrilled with my ‘workouts’ for a little under the last quarter of ’13.

Today the weather was gross and the CF gyms were closed. So, just a walk today. I’m fine with it as it hurts to move AT ALL from CF yesterday. I’m so out of shape!
DAY 1: Walking (treadmill) 30 minutes.
20 burpees: I’m doing a 2014 burpee challenge. Averaging about 20 a day, I should be done in April per the ‘challenge’ a friend started on Facebook.

So, I want to do this all over again. I need some specific goals, but I do know this year will include less running (over 800 miles last year, the highest for me ever!) and less races. More weights. More interval (HIIT) workouts. More CrossFit. MORE walking. I want to be more ‘healthy’ and balanced with my physical activity. None of this seems hard to do.

I’m also doing another Whole30 this month. I started today off with 3 fried eggs, some guacamole, 2 pieces bacon, & 1/2 a big Texas grapefruit (the best!). Some days are filled with pretty food. Some are not. Nothing to hide here and definitely not ashamed to show ‘real’ pics. Nothing fake here!
Lunch: hodgepodge of stuff: tuna, celery & Nuttzo, 1/2 grapefruit.
Dinner: zucchini w/ duck sausage, marinara

What’s awesome is having a partner who doesn’t mind doing the errands/shopping. I despise it. So today I get a text, “Do we need anything from the store?” and I reply with, “Spinach would be nice, but it’s not dire.” The good news is he did come back with spinach. The bad news is that he came back with all this too. (I had picked up the bananas and sweet potatoes yesterday, so he doesn’t get any points other than actually getting the spinach) Did I mention Whole30 started today?

Not yum.

Until Day 2, peeps!

Day 364. Whoa.

I’ve really failed my blog. That makes me a little sad, as so much has happened this year, but I’m in no way dwelling on it or upset with myself. I can’t change that.

Right now, I’m walking on the treadmill, re-watching Breaking Bad (season 1, episode 6) because someone hasn’t watched the series. I’m re-watching for him. It’s such a hardship.
Day 364: Walking. Treadmill. 1 solid hour.
Knee feels fine (I don’t feel anything other ‘normal’ actually), but my toes are still numb. Between the massive blood blisters (and subsequent dead nails) and the nerve damage from the repeated pounding up and down hills, hitting roots, etc, I’ve got 3 numb toes: both big toes and the second toe on my right foot. Nothing I’m worried about, it hasn’t hindered anything. The feeling will either come back, or it won’t. Whatevs.

Walking. Yay.

This past month I’ve focused on finishing finals, moving back to LA (YAY! I seriously hate Ohio) and recovering from that little race…oh yeah, I did finish! The weather made it tough, and my body hurt is ways I never expected…but I finished! (I’ll do a race report…promise. Can’t say when, but I will!)

Where do I go from here? I plan to:
write a race report
write a ‘year end’ post
write goals for 2014
Will those entries be timely? I don’t know. We’ll see how long I feel like sitting at the computer today and tomorrow.
I’m ITCHING, bad, to start some real workouts again. I haven’t wanted to be lazy, but my knee has been cranky since the race and I wanted to be sure to heal and not inflict any chronic injury to myself by doing too much too soon.

Hello, lover.

I’ve been a little busy this week. Nothing overwhelming, but I spent too many days goofing off last weekend. I got behind on my school stuff, so the blog took a back seat. The good news is…I did “training runs”! WHOA. This is very unlike me. Who is this? What blog is this?!

Fun stuff:
I got these a while back, but since I’m not doing traditional lifting or CrossFit right now, I haven’t been able to wear them. They’re going back to my ‘real’ home this weekend, since I don’t have a use for them here. Speaking of…1 more month in this misery of the midwest! I really don’t belong here. I’ve come to appreciate some things about this place, but overall, it seems very much a wet blanket. Anyway, in a month, I’ll be back down South. Back to my CF gym. Maybe even some Masters swimming. Back to the land of 70 degrees in the winter.

My shoes! I love them.
(Even better, I got them at cost/wholesale from a dealer friend. Schaawing!)

Heavy weights, I miss you.

Squats, my ass misses you.

My workouts:
304 (Oct 31): Kettlebell & a walk. KB exercises in the living room.
305 (Nov. 1): a REAL run! A “training” run! WHOA.
With Jim and the Pain By Numbers running group! Really good time. I would gladly train if I had people like this to run with regularly. A lot of stopping & some hills as it was through downtown Cincy at 0630. I was told the run was “9:30-10″ pace for the first hour, then 10:30-11:30 for second hour. Well, second hour people didn’t show up so we just stayed out with the same group the whole time. The 9:30 pace includes stopping…so our actual running pace was well under 9min/mi and even pushing sub-8 at points. Kicked my ass!
Didn’t help I only had 2 salads and some roast chicken yesterday. Had Chomps at mile 3 and mile 5ish. I really should have eaten more yesterday.
Mile 1: 9:32
Mile 2: 10:13
Mile 3: 9:27
Mile 4: 9:22
Mile 5: 9:43
Mile 6: 10:07 (think this was around Findlay Market)
Mile 7: 9:20
Mile 8: 9: 10
.5: 8:46 (the others left us in their dust at a 6min/mi pace!)
Overall: 9:31min/mi. 8.5mi, 1hr21min.

306 (Nov 2): Walk. 45min30sec. 3.06mi. With Danielle/Deeej/DJ (whatever she likes to be called…Hi D!!!!) Trying to show her the benefit of just WALKING for mental and physical health. A great outlet and gets one out and ACTIVE, while not taxing your body (recovery days!). Also, improves your walking for races! WALKING: does your body good.

307 (Nov 3): 4mi, 36:54, 9:13 pace. I love running for ‘errands’.
Ran to the store and back. I really need to carry at least mace and possibly the gun. Don’t have my CHL for Ohio though…hummm…might be worth the legal risk if I’m getting attacked.
Running to the store, a group of 4 guys (young men, late teens-early 20′s) heckled me from a front yard. I just ignored it. On the way back, they were walking in the road, towards me. I was a mile from home. I crossed to the other side of the road (big rural highway), and they crossed too. *shit* So…I crossed back and they stopped and I just stared back while running. They were smart to not cross again. But, they yelled very disgusting vulgar things as I ran past. It could be so nice and peaceful here without those kinds of assholes.
Mile 1: 9:29
Mile 2: 9:19
Mile 3: 9:08
Mile 4: 8:52

308 (Nov 4): Kettlebell. I didn’t time it, as I did many sets throughout the day. Definitely more than 5, but less than 10min.
russian twists

309 (Nov 5): Kettlebell & Walk.
KB: 5min. one-arm swings, snatch, swings, SDHP
Walk: with Deeeej after lunch.
2.3mi, 31:40, 13:46pace. Walked faster this time. Was really nice to walk briskly after eating.

310 (Nov 6): Stretching/yoga. The day got away from me. I was going to run 5-6mi, but I was doing stuff around the house and my morning turned into afternoon. Then I was going to run in the evening, but it was raining and REALLY dark. So. Living room floor it was!

311 (Nov. 7): Kettlebell. I’ve got class this morning, then drive the rest of the day.
one-arm swings
2 turkish get-ups (out of practice!)

So…I’m on the road today. It’s EXACTLY 1 month until CC 100. EEEEK. This is my last big-mileage weekend. If all goes well, I’ll have a tough, mostly self-supported 50k on Sat and a 10miler on Sunday. Possibly 5 more Sunday night, or another 10 Monday morning. We’ll see…best laid plans and all that.
But, my motivation? I get to stuff my face after the 50k. Not just for recovery, but my planned 10-15 the next day. There is an awesome ‘gourmet’ donut shop in Chatt. It actually has a retro feel that is far from fancy. They are successful enough they don’t even have to be open on Sundays! A coffee and donut shop that’s closed on Sunday?! Unheard of! But their old-school cake style donuts with crazy flavors are so good. I’ll be getting a couple flavors there Sat evening to use as my motivation to get those miles in Sunday morning. So there it is: donuts.

Bit the bullet.


I did it. I signed up for my 100miler.

I had an inkling that I’d probably want to do it back in Feb, after my first 50miler went so well. I kept procrastinating with signing up. Honestly, it scared me. I know I can do a marathon on no training. I can do one at a reasonably ‘hard’ pace for me (probably more like ‘slightly uncomfortable after mile 20′ pace) and still not hurt and resume all activities the next day. Or do another one. And apparently 50miles isn’t a big deal for me either. I’m not fast, but solidly in the middle-of-the-pack. I feel if I do more of them, I’d get a lot better. I like that distance. Harder than a marathon, but not much more training. With my base, I know I can continue doing them without too much effort or harm.

But this one, I’m scared. I’ve done more miles and races this year than I ever have, and I don’t feel ready. Being sick this past week hasn’t helped with my confidence, as I need to be doing big miles RIGHT NOW. The race is 38 days away. Build time is NOW. Ugh. I’ll do what I can this week and part of next, but I have my “A” race next weekend. I’ve been training for that, instead of the 100 as I didn’t know if I’d arrive at this point in the year healthy. Which is a legitimate worry, as I’ve been very sick and sprained my ankle in the past 2 weeks. So, there is that to worry about.

My biggest hesitation is that running this many miles, this often, is that it isn’t exactly healthy. Or, it’s not healthy for me. I would venture out to say that running this many miles, doing 50-100miles several times a year…isn’t healthy for anyone. I think most of us ultra runners realize that. We do it because we’re not right in our head. We like the pain. Not to be ‘healthy.’ We like the suffering. And we like to come out on top of it all.

So, doing 100 goes against my New Years Promise to myself, to be HEALTHY. I’ve been conflicted with this for many months because I know it’s not the most healthy thing to do. However, I am in really great shape right now despite having put on 10lbs in the past 2 months. Again: running this many events/miles isn’t healthy! The calories one must consume to do these and not get injured, over-trained, or sick (ahem), and the inflammation and stress it puts the body…is not conducive to losing (or maintaining for me) weight. I’m carrying so much ‘bloat’ (I call it ‘carb bloat’) from the races, it’s not going down or away, despite eating well during the week. I’m taxing my body and it’s hanging on….BUT. I know how to fix it. After the 100, apparently.

Since this blog is supposed to be about my workouts, here they are:

Day 299: Kettlebell! Whew, the 15lb feels heavy. Definitely not 100% yet. I did this while watching the TeamUSA v. World CrossFit competition online. I. MISS. CROSSFIT. I can’t wait until Dec when I can go back to my gym.

Day 300!: I should have done something special. Bummer. I didn’t realize it was 300 until I was writing this.
I did Kettlebell again. Easing back into it, post-sickness.

Day 301: CHORES! I did some KB today, and I was so amp’d up from watching too many episodes of Breaking Bad that I had to get out and do something destructive. I moved a chopped down tree and all it’s branches from the front driveway area to the backyard next to the fire pit. Then I started a big-ass fire. It was awesome.

Day 302: Kettlebells. Did various sets of swings, SDHP and presses with the KB. I’ve been binging on Breaking Bad and when I get worked up and can’t sit down, I pick up the KB.

Day 303: 2 RUNS!
Interval run. Since I signed up for the 100 today, I need to get back to running again even if I’m not 100%.
Do a lap down the street, then back to the house for chores/homework.
Haven’t run since Louisville 1.5 weeks ago. Ugh. Hate being sick.
lap 1: .36, 7:39 pace (a little rough)
lap 2: .37, 6:55 (whoa)
lap 3: .37, 7:04 (got heckled by some punks, scared me a bit that they were going to follow me, based on what they said. Wish I had my gun on me, it was that bad.)
lap 4: .36, 6:56 (kinda scared after the last round)

RUN #2, on the track at school. I didn’t want to run in my rural neighborhood, don’t want to see those gross men again.
Mile 1: 8:37
Mile 2: 8:00
.4: 7:45
I kept telling myself to slow down. I said, “Yo! Slow down, yo! Easy pace, b*tch!” (breaking bad, I can’t shake it). I didn’t listen. Still wasn’t a hard effort! I had planned on running about a 9-9:30 pace, but I just went…

Yeah, starting ‘official’ training 38 days out is a great idea, right?
(I kid, I kid, I did 4 marathons in Oct, 1 in Sept & 2 50k’s in Sept. 5 more during the summer. Decent base miles!)

So, time to train up to out-run some gators!


This week. 294-298.

Well, this week has been pretty bad. I did a number on myself by doing the double marathons while sick. I knew it was going to happen. I don’t even want to say it was a risk, because I’m not stupid and doing heavy training, much less a race, much less 2 while sick…won’t lead to anything good.

I only went to one of my classes this week and that was because we had a test. After that test I stopped by CVS to get more tissues and I locked my keys in the car. Awesome. Waited there about 40min for AAA. So fun when you’re sick and just want to go home. I tried to go to another class yesterday. My professor kicked me out because I looked so bad and I couldn’t stop coughing. I was clammy. So, I left. I had missed her class on Tues, so I really didn’t want to miss again yesterday. I’m glad I showed up; I earned brownie points for showing up that sick and she didn’t think I was being a shitbag.

So, I’ve basically stayed inside all week. I only got out of my pajamas to go to class.
I think I turned a corner yesterday. I could breathe a little easier yesterday afternoon. My cough is productive; green stuff is coming out! Yay! I finally washed dishes. I picked up a little of my mess of tissues, OTC (can’t survive without NyQuil and DayQuil right now!) wrappers, and the mess of sweatshirts and blankets strewn about.

I’m going to meet a friend for lunch today. This is the highlight of my week. I look like absolute crap, but thankfully friends don’t care. It’ll feel good to get out. I hope I can handle it. If not, I’ll come home and sleep, like I have every other day this week.

I even painted my nails.
And of course, when I took out my camera to take a picture (the only one I’ve taken of anything this week), I messed it up.
Hope you enjoyed this boring post. Not much to report this week. Time for more Mucinex.

Messed up nail.

Day 294: Walked at school. This was painful.
Day 295: Stretching. “yoga” type stuff. Foam roller. I couldn’t manage anything else. Hurts to breathe.
Day 296: Walked at school. Killing time. Was too cold to do it outside, as the cold air is painful.
Day 297: Tried some pistol squats (ahhahahah, no energy!). I just fell over. Did some easy air squats and lunges. Went outside and swept the porches -COVERED IN LEAVES-picked up small sticks and started a fire in the fire pit. Felt good to be outside and move around.
Day 298: Walk. Outside. Yes. I will! Might do it while shopping, if I have enough energy for errands. Priority: lunch with a real human!

My First Double (marathons)!

Day 292 & 293


Friday: Drove to Indy, picked up my friend Big Al from the airport (flew in from outside of El Paso). We went to the expo, had great thai food for dinner. Great to see him, I ran 3 marathons with him in 2008-09 the first time I lived there. Went back to the hotel and I waited for Jenn & her friends to arrive.

Day 292: Indianapolis Marathon! Woke up and it was cold and raining. Horrible marathon weather. My shoes were SOAKED before I even got to the race site. It was windy. And cold. The only thing that made it tolerable was having friends to run with. Al and I hadn’t run a marathon since Bataan ’09, our paths have come close, but haven’t passed since. Our marathon times are usually in the 4:30-5:30 range depending on difficulty, but I knew I was going to be slow today since I was sick. I told him to go on by mile 1. I hung with Jenn, Shawn, & Alex for a while. For the first half we all kind of flip-flopped, me and Alex for a while. I ran with Halbert & Peter (Maniac friends) for a little bit. Then Alex & Jenn made a CVS pit-stop so Shawn and I continued for a while. Then someone else went to the bathroom, etc. etc. I kept feeling worse and worse. Our group pace was slowing and it was hurting me more. Finally at mile 16 when it had stopped raining and the sun was peeking out, Shawn and me left our pack and forged ahead. At mile 19 I needed a big porta-potty stop, so I told Shawn to go ahead. I was actually looking forward to the last miles alone, at my pace. I did some sort of 3-4:1 interval and got it done.
5:27:48. Definitely not a good showing for me, but I was conservative with being sick and having another marathon the next day. Nothing really ‘hurt’ though. I was just tired and BEAT UP from the bad weather the first half of the race.

^ I really don’t know what I’m doing with my arm here. Also, not a real smile. (Got this pic from Jenn)

POST RACE: I dropped Al off at his airport hotel so he could catch his Sunday flight back to ELP. I drove on down to Louisville, about 1hr 45min.
I took Halbert’s advice and ate ALL of the post race fare (3 pieces pizza, 1 hamburger, beans, cookie), then had another big meal for dinner (hamburger & fries & beer) at Kentucky BBC brewery in downtown Louisville.
I got to my hotel, took an ice bath, laid in bed with ice cream and medicine to knock me out of my misery.


(I was really worried about getting enough calories in, for real) The Aquaphor is for my nose and lips, which are raw from 3 days of constant drainage.

Day 293: Louisville Marathon!
Another poor night of sleep. My cold had gotten worse. I woke up in cold sweats at midnight and 0130. Woke up again at 0200, 3 and finally for good at 4. I was preparing for a miserably long day.
Got to the race, got my packet, and stayed extremely overdressed: tech shirt, long sleeve t-shirt & fleece jacket.
I had a plan and I was going to stick with it. If I could focus on the ‘plan’, it would give my mind something to worry about rather than how I felt (bad) or my legs (heavy!). 2:1. Run 2, walk 1. For the whole 26.2 miles. I had done this Galloway method with my friend Denis at St. Louis marathon 2 weeks ago (it was his plan) and it worked really well. So, I was glad to have this distraction. I usually walk aid stations in races, but not this often. My legs didn’t feel ‘good’ until almost mile 6. Took a while to warm up and shake out yesterday’s marathon. I kept my jacket on until mile 14! I knew my body wasn’t responding well to being sick, but I wasn’t having trouble breathing, so I wasn’t worried. 2:1, 2:1 for hours and hours…hahaha. Bathroom at mile 4 & 12. Again at mile 16. At least I was hydrated. The aid stations were every 2.5mi so I’m glad I had my handheld bottle.

I never got down. I never got lonely. It was a gorgeous fall day. Many times it was like I wasn’t even running a marathon, I was just a person running along a path. Sure, it’s much more fun running with friends, but when it counts, I know I can dig it out. There were no spectators, no one cheering me on. Definitely no friends to fill the miles with laughter. Just me and a gorgeous fall day. And my runny ass nose.
Screen Shot 2013-10-22 at 9.34.10 AM

I leapfrogged with a woman, running about a 11:45 pace. She NEVER took a walk break (that I saw). She never wanted to chat, but I told her I was run/walking and eventually she would drop me (haha, not). At mile 17ish, I passed her and never saw her again. I stopped the 2:1 at mile 25.5ish. I didn’t want to push too hard since I was sick.

I could not be more pleased with how it went. I went into this weekend with the only goal of, “survive.” After Indy’s 5:27, I wanted to keep Louisville at 5:30 or under, as close to even split as possible. I figured being sick that this was a big enough goal. My “secret”, “if everything goes perfect” goal was to run 5:25, a small negative split.

Indianapolis: 2:40 half, 5:27
Louisville: 2:39:39 half, 5:07:32 TWENTY MINUTES FASTER!! HOLYSHIT!!
I’m not putting all my splits, because no one cares, not even me.
I am very pleased I negative split the second marathon, and even more pleased I negative split the weekend. AND, while sick. Sure, I’m paying for it now, but dang, that’s a confidence booster.

Then this happened.
I went to Whole Foods after the race and had a big bowl of chicken noodle soup & salad. Stocked up on veggies for the week. And this is all I wanted for dinner. See that kale? It was on sale and I washed it. Sat right there on the counter while I ate my ice cream.

2 marathons = 2 beers.