Here we are again: day 1

Wow, it’s been so long. I’m glad I’ve still paid the small fee to see have access to my site, because here I am. The years of catch-up are too much, so we’ll skip that for now.

Whole30 is doing an official “Whole30 At Home” during this COVID crisis and I need a big slap in the face reality check, so I’m doing it. And using this site as my food log, personal journal, and exercise log! I don’t care if no one reads it, it’s for me. I do better writing it all down and this works for me.

I may as well restart the 365 days of exercise again as well! I need more than 30 days to roll this big body to the right side of the tracks so a combo food/exercise is where I’m going again.

Some days will be done in IF (intermittent fasting) format, as I don’t alway like to eat a traditional breakfast, nor do I eat my dinner late. Thus, I just number my meals.

Day 1: 
(1000) Meal 1: coconut milk chia seed ‘mix’ (pudding?) with berries. Not pictured, side of bacon that I burned, but ate anyway. No waste! Handful of grapes.

Meal 2: stir fry veggies (no pic)
Meal 3: chicken soup with tons of veggies, sparkling water (finished eating at 1745)

AM: 40 minutes on the Peloton bike. I did Robin’s 30min Hamilton ride and a cool down.
PM: 20 minutes on the Peloton. I felt this one. I didn’t eat enough yesterday and feel it today

Successful first day! Overall thoughts: I will need more filling food tomorrow. Maybe some tuna, big salad, sausage, etc. I didn’t eat enough today for not eating enough yesterday. 


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