Happy New Year! Days 1-3.

I’m going to have to get serious about motivation to blog. I’m just not used to it yet. However, I feel like I’ve been pretty successful this week with my workouts! I’m feeling very motivated & started the year off right.

Day 1, New Years Day:

  • AM: 5.01 mile run on the Spillway Trail. (trail run, obvi) Time: 58:45. It was 70 degrees and 100% humidity. Much warmer than usual, even for the swamp.
  • PM: CrossFit: Warmup: 500m row, 20 lunges, 20 air squats (jumping), 20 power clean (bar only), something else I forget
    WOD, it’s a 2fer!
    calorie row
    box jumps
    —7min rest—
    power cleans (75lbs)
    dips (I did it on the GHD, can’t do rings)
    Time: 25min. Took me forever, those power cleans after the other WOD were hard.

(For those unfamiliar with CrossFit, usually a set of 21-15-9 is the whole workout, not doing it twice! This was definitely a New Years butt-kicker!)

Day 2: “WHAT AM I THINKING?!?! I’m already sore! OMG this is going to be a LONG year! I’m such a dumbass.”

  • Run: 2.01 run, in between rain storms, about 40°F (cold & wet). Time: 18:39, 9:17pace. 1/2mi warmup, 1.5mi ‘moderate’ intervals (not too hard), 1/2mi cool down.
  • Weight lifting: sets of deadlifts (135-185lbs), push press (65-75lbs), power hang clean & thrusters (75lbs each)
    Feeling fresh:

Day 3: Thursday

  • CrossFit: Warmup: 1000m row, 15 burpees, 100 sun gods, DL warmup
    3 rounds
    12 burpee jump over box
    15 pullups
    7 deadlift (135)
    After the first round, my ‘jump over box’ became box jumps. I was going to bust my ass.
    Felt tired. My hands hurt, I’m getting blisters. This makes 4 WOD’s this week at the gym, plus weights on my own. More than I’ve done in a LONG time. 8345222787_08ca1c8178_m

This leaves me at today, Day 4. I think I will be going for a run. I should probably do some yoga too. Hoping to have a body comp/weight/measurements/food post sometime in the next couple of days! 
Have a good weekend everyone. Work hard!



8 thoughts on “Happy New Year! Days 1-3.

  1. Yes I love the addition of pictures! It’ll be a cool visual record to see your body transformation as you become a chisled machine of ass-kicking.

    • Thanks! I’m having fun.
      I need to go back and read some of your old entries. I can see how this will/can be challenging at some points! Already I’ve had a day or two where I’ve said, “do something Haley, even if just for the Challenge.”

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