Days 4,5,6,7 & 8. Or, too long between posts!

5 days between logging is too long! Boy, I sure am sorry about that. What a pain in the ass!

Day 4: Run: 3.3 miles, Time 31:55, pace 9:40. With Rascal, aka: RunnerDog! We ran to and from the gas station because I needed cash out of the ATM. Not the school (WHOOP! GIG ‘EM!), but the machine that dispenses paper monies.
splits: 10:17, 9:17, 9:16 and 9:47 for the last .3
Then a 1/2 mi walk to/from the Post Office with the dog.8363326014_80196a6609_n

Day 5: Blah day! Overcast, cold. My calf has been bothering me, so I’m taking an ‘off’ day. Did these all together, with purpose, as per my self imposed rules:
Yoga: 15min
Then: assorted practice of handstands, headstands & 3min of planks (sets of 30sec)
Walk the dogs: 15 min

Day 6: RUN! Pure Barre class! 8363074472_f38cc1136d_nWhich picture do you like better?
It would help if my paparazzi wasn’t taking the pic from an angle looking down, but I guess he can’t help it that he’s freakishly tall.

Anyway…My scheduled run turned into a barre class because the weather was terrible & I had a Groupon to active before it expired. I’ll admit I was scared, and some parts were definitely hard, but overall it was fun. Different. I have 5 more classes to use this month, so I’ll be doing more of these.
Side note: I love doing Groupon for these kinds of things, I get to try new workouts or places without a major commitment. 

Day 7: Weights & a Walk: I wasn’t feeling great, so no CF. Did some clean & jerks and worked on KB: snatch, clean & press, 50 swings.
Walk: 15 min walk, barefoot. I got blisters from wearing dress shoes for our date Friday night! Stupid dress shoes. This is why I stick to Vibrams. For everything.


Day 8: CrossFit! Arrived 10min late, so we missed most of the warmup. Warmup that I did do: 200m run, 50 jumping jacks, warmup lunges w/ assorted weights (15, 20, 25, 35lbs)

WOD: 13min AMRAP (as many rounds as possible)
75m run
10 slam balls (slam a medicine ball down hard, then pick it up, then do it again)
12 walking lunges w/35lb weight in EACH HAND.
Total: 7 1/3 rounds! I was the only female to do it as Rx, and the Mr. was the only male!


So, that’s it. First week done, 51 to go! (ooof) I’d say overall it was good. The blisters and then not feeling good on day 7 kinda messed up my plans for the week, but that’s how it goes sometimes.

Again I say I won’t wait so long between posts, because then I’m sitting here formatting my pictures for several hours and it’s not fun. If I just spent 15min after my workouts doing it, like when I log my workouts, it would be done and easy to upload. Oh well, lesson learned.
See you in a couple days! 


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