Day 9 & bad weather.

Day 9: home interval workout “home CrossFit” & short jog.

The weather has been crap most of the past week. It’s been fluctuating between warm and cold (today, its 66°), but mostly it’s been raining. When it isn’t raining, it’s been dreary & foggy or drizzling. This southern girl can’t handle it! I need my sun!

So, my standard trail run loop is off-limits. It will be way too muddy and it’s not kind to the trails to run on them with standing water and such. I’m missing running. Oh, and yes, I know it’s possible to run in the rain on the street, but my legs like the trails. They’re more forgiving.

Evening edit: went for a little jog to loosen up my legs & bum. My rear is very sore from CrossFit yesterday. Rural stuff in the mile around the ‘hood.

Run: 1.13mi, time: 12:54, pace: 11:27

Anyway, this is what I did today. A “Spartan WOD“, which I get emailed every day. Sometimes I do them, sometimes I don’t. Today, it was a good home workout to do on a rainy day. I added double unders and an extra sprint in there, that’s what the dashes are for:

10 double unders

100m sprint
10 pushups
100m sprint
10 jumping lunges
100m sprint
10 pushups (supposed to be pull-ups, but I don’t have bar)
100m sprint
10 burpees
100m sprint
10 bodyweight squats
100m sprint
30 crunches

100m sprint
25 double unders, unbroken.

Time: 10:43

In really exciting news to no one but myself, I am LOVING this new collage-making app:  Layout. Please bear with me for a while while as I try out different sites until I figure out the style of workout pics I want here. Thanks to my friend LeapinLizardz for the suggestion!

This is what I have for today. Oh, and see how dreary and gross it is?! Doesn’t seem like it should be warm enough for tank tops and shorts, but it is.



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