Days 10-12. The last complaints about the weather.

Ok, after this post I’ll stop complaining about the weather. Promise. Maybe.
If it stops raining, I’ll stop complaining about it. Until March when summer arrives.


Day 10: Home CrossFit & a walk.  Did “Annie” at home, which is 50-40-30-20-8376370760_a2e65ae3fe_m10 double unders & sit ups. Pretty easy in the driveway! Earlier in the morning, we went for a mile walk in the storms to check out the flooding in the neighborhood.
“ANNIE”: 16:30 (really sucked on the jump rope today)
Walk: 30min

Day 11: Run. Fed up with the rain, I went and ran in the storm.
5:30pm: 2.1miles, 21:41, pace: 10:22. Ran in ankle deep water on some streets. Wasn’t too bad.

Day 12: Run & pushups: Drove to Mobile, AL today. Walked around downtown (nice little area, pleasantly surprised!). Quick run on the hotel treadmill while watching Real Housewives. Don’t judge. Had to be quick to make my 5p dinner reservation–I’m a senior citizen trapped in a 30something body: have to eat early. Then did 50 pushups after dinner.
Run: 1.59mi, time 14:42, pace: 9:15 (treadmill)8375335031_cebb3fbba1_n
Note: after over 20 marathons, this is the first time I’ve run the day before a race! Ha. I’m usually really lazy.

Until Day 13…marathon day! Ciao!


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