Days 14-19

I feel so behind! Well, I guess I am. This past week we decided to head over to Houston to help some friends out for 2 days and see an aunt and cousins. It was post race, so I was taking this week a little easy, so I didn’t feel bad about missing my normal CrossFit or lifting routine.

8400674380_dd60e4c3cc_mDay 14: RUN. Day after the marathon! The first time I’ve run the day after (I think).
2.03 miles, time 19:02, pace: 9:23. Legs felt great! Absolutely no pain and really no soreness. Amazing.

8400688108_9f3495e2ff_nDay 15: CrossFit @ Universal CrossFit in Houston. At first I thought I wouldn’t do the strength work for the day, and just do the WOD. Then I felt like a loser watching others lift weights and a nice girl asked if I wanted to share a bar with her…so I did. After that, I decided not to do the WOD since it was a ton of double unders, and I didn’t want to stress my legs that much, given my tender calf. That bottom right is my other half, doing muscle-ups.

Strength: 5×5 back squat & snatch.ย 
Squats: 115. did all my sets @115. My body was tired and too soon to go heavy post-marathon, so I kept these easy.
Snatch: did the bar & 65lbs. Again, not going heavy.

8399675059_61e61a99d9Day 16: CrossFit @ CrossFit Cypress (northwest Houston)
3 sets of Tabatas:
kettlebell snatchย (25lbs)
hollow rocks
double unders

This was fun. I don’t remember the warmup and I skipped the strength work because I wanted to do the WOD. 3 different sets of Tabatas, with no rest in between each. I really enjoyed this, I’ve never seen Tabata sets stacked like that before. Very friendly facility, just like Universal.

For those who don’t know, Tabata sets are 8 sets of 20 seconds of work, 10 sec of rest. It comes out to only 4min of work, but really less than that because every 20sec, you get to ‘rest’. The idea is that you’re going super hard in those 20 seconds. You can make almost anything a Tabata workout: running on a treadmill, jump rope, situps, pushups, burpees…it’s a great workout that you can do anywhere, with our without equipment!

8399721905_a97d2bc996_nDay 17: 2 Tabata sets, walk.
We were traveling back home, so I did a Tabata treadmill set & Tabata burpees.
Tabata treadmill: 7% grade, 8min/mi pace.
Tabata Burpees: that kind of sucks!
Walk: 1/2mi speedy warmup, 1/2mi cool down (1mi).
After, I played around doing dips on the treadmill. This is how I hurt myself. Doing stupid stuff because I think I can. I didn’t hurt myself this time, but he was ready with the camera in case I did!

Day 18: Yoga. Did 25min of yoga at home. Found tons of yoga OnDemand on the tv! Pretty neat. The one I picked had some pretty hard poses (for me) and I fell over during ‘toppling tree pose.’ Appropriate, yes?

Day 19: Walk the dogs! Day before another marathon, so I’m taking it easy. No pre-race run like last week! Walked 30min, 15min for each of the dogs. Lovely day!

Sorry for the crappy yoga pic, it was night and my form sucks too. So, there is no way that picture would have come out looking good. Aren’t my puppies cute?! They were both aggravated with the pictures. Leashes on = WALK NOW!



6 thoughts on “Days 14-19

  1. The pups are very cute! Love all the photos and explaining of the crossfit lingo .. informative and entertaining! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I don’t care if you are late in your blogging- Just don’t miss a day of activity! Also props to your photographer who manages to catch you looking adorable ๐Ÿ™‚

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