Meh. Days 21-27

It’s been too long since posts. I guess I felt that nothing was spectacular this week as I’ve been trying recover from the 2 marathons in 2 weeks. Thankfully I did rest and fuel myself enough in recovery to keep from getting sick. Success! Since my workouts felt lackluster, I didn’t take many worokout pics this week. If you hang with me, there are puppy pictures! PUPPIEEES!!! Puppies are always fun. Oh, anyway…the only thing new this week was that I started yoga class again, and I’m not taking pictures in there! I finally got to use my hot, new yoga mat though! Schaawiiinng!8423212131_3c98126ebd_n

Oh yeah, I hate that gyms give out free junk food! As you can see above, mine was giving out chocolate “smoothies”. WTF. We’ve all seen the Krispy Kreme donut gym pic, right? images

That said, I’m also tapering for an ultra this coming weekend. I’ll post about it later in the week, but I don’t have high expectations and am actually *almost* terrified. I am NOT prepared. I have not put in the mileage. So, I’m doing what I can to go into it as fresh as possible.

Day 21: Walk & Stretch (foam roller)
30min walk with the dogs + 10 min of stretching and/or foam roller. Really worked my hips & ITB.

Day 22: Run. Legs felt like LEAD. I felt so spastic, like a puppy who can’t find his paws. I’m sure I looked terrible. After 1/2mile I felt normal and got an actual stride going. Whew. Still need several days to recover.
1.66 miles, time 14:35, pace 8:47.

Day 23: Swim, CrossFit, & Yoga! Like I said in day 22, I still need recovery time and I felt it today. However, I took each of these 3 pretty easy. For me anyway.
Swim: 500yds, 10min, 2:00/100yd’s. Quick swim before class. Pool is only open for a short time at lunch.
Ummm, do NOT post pics of yourself in your swimsuit on the interwebs? Should be a rule, no?8424348026_fa92bdaf9f_m
CrossFit: 15min.
Modified/shortened the workout (and warmup) to keep recovering/resting/tapering.
Warmup: 200m fast walk, stretching
Strength 4×4 ‘heavy’ dumbbell push press. 25lbs each hand.
WOD: 50 push press with just the bar (45lbs) Plus some other stuff I didn’t do.
Mini WOD: 3 rounds of 10 slamball (20lbs), 10 abmat situps
Yoga: Back to classes since the semester has started. The class was PACKED and she made it super hard to “punish” us for being gone so long. I did a lot of down dog to recover! My legs just couldn’t hold some of the poses. Fried!

Day 24: CrossFit & Swim.
1min run in place, high knees
20 slamballs
20 monkey F*ckers
10 burpees
50 sun gods

Strength: practice Zercher squats (I only did the bar, probably could have done 90-95lbs)
WOD buy in: 10 Zercher squats
4 rounds
4 Zercher squats
10 burpees
10 kb swings (25lbs)
Time: 7:50
This was not the real WOD, but the modified for me so I wouldn’t trash my legs. Still worked up a sweat!

Swim: Crappy swim, had to hurry because there were only 2 lap lanes, aerobics in the main part of the pool, and swim lessons were kicking us out of the 2 lanes. I really hate this–very small–pool, the hours & the policies.
500yds, 9min, 1:48/100m

Day 25: Walk & random play at the park
Walked over a mile at the dog park on the walking path. 4 loops on the path that’s over 1/4mi long. Not a stroll, a purposeful walk. Then walked a little over 1/4mi to the “exercise area” at the park: they have outdoor pullup bars, balance stands, stair stepper(!?)squat machine…and an elliptical! Right next to the walking path! WTF!?! ImageImage

(not criticizing people who use ellipticals, however, I’m a big believer in walking, or fast walking for healthy people are able to use their own feet to propel them…Hey you, 20year old college student. Get off the elliptical that has a tv and get outside! Or lift weights!)

Annnnnnnd here’s the money shot. The elliptical is so hard:8423163257_22305c2c9d

Day 26: CrossFit at home. (saturday)
3 rounds:
20kb swings (44lbs)
10 burpees
200m run with 25lb plate (ooof)
Time 12:09

Day 27: short Run. I was so tired today. I’ve been busy all weekend, moving furniture & deep freezers & refrigerators. Also, I’ve been up since 0345 with no downtime! I felt terrible & had some pain the first .3mi, but after that I felt a lot better, and even good after the first .75.
1.3mi, Time 12:17, pace 9:27

Here’s the puppy picture I promised! Rascal found his doggie-twin at the dog park! They were so cute.


4 thoughts on “Meh. Days 21-27

  1. Hey….if you can post “duck lips” pics on the interwebs you can post swimsuit pics!!! Those park pics are hilarious!!!

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