THANKS! and Workouts Jan 28-Feb 1

Wow. I felt SO much love from my FOOD post. I’m totally floored. The biggest thanks goes to Dallas & Melissa @ Whole9 for linking my blog in the Jan. Whole30 wrap up. Just…wow. Because of the overwhelming response and the feedback, I’m going to start doing a weekly “what I ate” type post. Like the rest of this blog, I’ll see what form that takes.

Lets talk workouts shall we? I don’t want to get too far behind and it’s 4am so I might as well do something productive. Since I need to get moving, no pictures today. Sorry. There will be more next time.

Day 28: CrossFit & Walk. And again, I’m not recovered from my marathons. I felt it during this workout. Tired, slower times than normal, had to use little weight on the thrusters. Took a walk in the evening!
run 400m
20 air squats
20 push press (bar)
10 squat jumps w/bar
run 300m

WOD: thrusters & run
15 thrusters, 200m run
20 thrusters, 400m run
30 thrusters, 800m run.
Time: 12:20
UGH. Brutal!
WALK: 22min, 1.6mi around campus after I did my taxes. Yay!

Day 29: Walk & Stretching. Since I felt so tired yesterday, I’m listening to my body and taking an “off” day today. Need my legs to bounce back for this weekend!
Walk: 30min. Walked the dogs after dinner. Probably close to 2 miles. Was over 1.5 based on my running routes.
Stretching: Foam roller & hamstring work.

Day 30: Swim. This was ridiculous. The track team took over the pool midway during my workout and had sweat, grease/oil and cologne/perfume that permeated the pool. They obviously didn’t rinse or shower before getting in. Was so gross, made me nauseated.
CrossFit Endurance swim.
3x: (50y + 100y+ 200y)
50warmup, 50 cooldown

Day 31: Run. Late afternoon jog. Felt pretty good!
2.11mi, 22:33, pace: 10:41
mile 1: 11:59
mile 2: 9:35
Ran around campus. The perimeter. It’s small!
First mile, walk/jog. Took pics. 2nd, found my groove.


Day 32: (feb 1) Easy short run/jog.
1.12, 11:09, pace 9:58
Ran around the hotel grounds & perimeter trying out my race shoes & skirt. Day before my ultra.

So. There it is. I’m attempting an ultra today that I have NO BUSINESS doing. Don’t follow my lead people. I’m not trained for this. I have not put in the miles. However, I registered in July and have friends coming from around the country. So, I feel the need to at least show up and try.
We’ll see how it goes!

(I am not attempting this Paleo. I will eat what I feel my body needs to get me through today, as much as it disappoints me to do so.)


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