Day 34-44. Procrastination & race recovery.

Feb. 3-13
I knew I wouldn’t blog for a while after my 50miler, as the week would be focused on rest & recovery. Very light workouts, thus, a boring blog entry. Well, then I just never felt like writing it up since it was so boring.

Now, I *have* to write this or I’ll be too far behind. So, sludge through it if you like, or don’t. It’s pretty boring! I purposely skipped writing day 33, as I’ll be following this up with my Rocky Raccoon race report (Feb 2) and another food entry.

Day 34: (feb 3) home CrossFit & foam roller
Day 1 post race! My body is TIRED.
Tabata KB swings, went light, 25lbs
Tried a couple pushups, could only do about 3! My body wouldn’t let me do them.
10min of foam roller. OW!

Day 35: Swim. 8470608271_3c6591c626_n
600yds, 13min, 2:10/100. Kept my 100’s under 2:00. 450 pull, 150 kick board.

(driveway recovery-proven method, post-swim hair. walking the dog)

Day 36: slow jog & walk.
1/2mi jog in my Luna sandals! They feel good. Then, walked the dogs for 20min. Legs felt good after I loosened them up with the jog.

Day 37: Swim & massage* (I am not counting “massage” was a workout, 8470733103_d193aa3d22_nFYI, just logging here as part of recovery)
700yd, 16min, 2:17/100.
Post massage swim. Felt pretty good.
100wu, 450pull, 150kickboard.

*massage with feet. She walked on me. Stood one me, while holding those bars. Ouch! Felt fabulous.

Day 38: CrossFit @ home, Walk & “dancing” at the parade!
CF: tabata snatch, alternating arms each set, 25lbs (4min)
Walk: 30min walk with the dogs. Jogged about 1/4mi in there too.
Dancing: danced my butt off at the Muses parade. Carried kids on my shoulders for a couple hours too. Definitely a fun ‘workout’!

Day 39: Walk & foam roller (stretching)
1hr walk at the park w/the dogs. Lovely day!
Stretching & foam roller in the evening.

Day 40: Run
1mi, 9:26. In my Luna sandals!

Day 41: CrossFit @ home
4 rounds:
15 kb swings
300m run
20 air squats
Time: 9:38
+ 20 more squats to make it an even 100
end time: 10:06


Here we have my lovely outfit: bright green shoes, black & hot pink calf socks, bright orange compression shorts under purple shorts, a maroon race shirt, AND a gold sequin headband. Classy, people. Classy.

Day 42: CrossFit @ home
Didn’t feel like driving to the Box since we don’t have school this week.
Warmup: bar & low weight squat cleans
6min AMRAP, 1 min rest, 6min AMRAP (13min total)
6 squat cleans (75lbs first round, 65lb second round)
6 pushups
7 situps
Never, ever think “Oh, those are low numbers, that’s not very long, this will be quick and easy.” NOT. No. No.

8470621041_f4f6683067_nDay 43: Walk & stretching
Didn’t feel good today, I slept SO much! Made myself walk the dogs.
30min, usual 1.5-2mile loop.
Foam roller.

Day 44: (feb 13) RUN. I ran to get my moms car from the repair shop. I *LOVE* running to run errands. It feels so free and with purpose. One of my favorite things rather than just get in the car!
5.52mi, 55:43, pace: 10:05
1: 11:00
2: 10:26
3: 9:58
4: 9:48
5: 9:34
.52: 8:55
I didn’t feel great, but I am pleased with my negative splits. Started to feel better after mile 2.

Ran to the levee, the Mississippi River levee, 4 miles to the next town to the repair shop. Here we have one of the several plantations in our Parish (the only state to call counties, parishes) and the river. It was a nice afternoon.



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