This week. 294-298.

Well, this week has been pretty bad. I did a number on myself by doing the double marathons while sick. I knew it was going to happen. I don’t even want to say it was a risk, because I’m not stupid and doing heavy training, much less a race, much less 2 while sick…won’t lead to anything good.

I only went to one of my classes this week and that was because we had a test. After that test I stopped by CVS to get more tissues and I locked my keys in the car. Awesome. Waited there about 40min for AAA. So fun when you’re sick and just want to go home. I tried to go to another class yesterday. My professor kicked me out because I looked so bad and I couldn’t stop coughing. I was clammy. So, I left. I had missed her class on Tues, so I really didn’t want to miss again yesterday. I’m glad I showed up; I earned brownie points for showing up that sick and she didn’t think I was being a shitbag.

So, I’ve basically stayed inside all week. I only got out of my pajamas to go to class.
I think I turned a corner yesterday. I could breathe a little easier yesterday afternoon. My cough is productive; green stuff is coming out! Yay! I finally washed dishes. I picked up a little of my mess of tissues, OTC (can’t survive without NyQuil and DayQuil right now!) wrappers, and the mess of sweatshirts and blankets strewn about.

I’m going to meet a friend for lunch today. This is the highlight of my week. I look like absolute crap, but thankfully friends don’t care. It’ll feel good to get out. I hope I can handle it. If not, I’ll come home and sleep, like I have every other day this week.

I even painted my nails.
And of course, when I took out my camera to take a picture (the only one I’ve taken of anything this week), I messed it up.
Hope you enjoyed this boring post. Not much to report this week. Time for more Mucinex.

Messed up nail.

Day 294: Walked at school. This was painful.
Day 295: Stretching. “yoga” type stuff. Foam roller. I couldn’t manage anything else. Hurts to breathe.
Day 296: Walked at school. Killing time. Was too cold to do it outside, as the cold air is painful.
Day 297: Tried some pistol squats (ahhahahah, no energy!). I just fell over. Did some easy air squats and lunges. Went outside and swept the porches -COVERED IN LEAVES-picked up small sticks and started a fire in the fire pit. Felt good to be outside and move around.
Day 298: Walk. Outside. Yes. I will! Might do it while shopping, if I have enough energy for errands. Priority: lunch with a real human!


2 thoughts on “This week. 294-298.

  1. Imperfect manicures show that you live life to the fullest…do work! Perfect says I keep my hands folded in my lap until my tea and ladyfingers are served. 🙂

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