This week. 294-298.

Well, this week has been pretty bad. I did a number on myself by doing the double marathons while sick. I knew it was going to happen. I don’t even want to say it was a risk, because I’m not stupid and doing heavy training, much less a race, much less 2 while sick…won’t lead to anything good.

I only went to one of my classes this week and that was because we had a test. After that test I stopped by CVS to get more tissues and I locked my keys in the car. Awesome. Waited there about 40min for AAA. So fun when you’re sick and just want to go home. I tried to go to another class yesterday. My professor kicked me out because I looked so bad and I couldn’t stop coughing. I was clammy. So, I left. I had missed her class on Tues, so I really didn’t want to miss again yesterday. I’m glad I showed up; I earned brownie points for showing up that sick and she didn’t think I was being a shitbag.

So, I’ve basically stayed inside all week. I only got out of my pajamas to go to class.
I think I turned a corner yesterday. I could breathe a little easier yesterday afternoon. My cough is productive; green stuff is coming out! Yay! I finally washed dishes. I picked up a little of my mess of tissues, OTC (can’t survive without NyQuil and DayQuil right now!) wrappers, and the mess of sweatshirts and blankets strewn about.

I’m going to meet a friend for lunch today. This is the highlight of my week. I look like absolute crap, but thankfully friends don’t care. It’ll feel good to get out. I hope I can handle it. If not, I’ll come home and sleep, like I have every other day this week.

I even painted my nails.
And of course, when I took out my camera to take a picture (the only one I’ve taken of anything this week), I messed it up.
Hope you enjoyed this boring post. Not much to report this week. Time for more Mucinex.

Messed up nail.

Day 294: Walked at school. This was painful.
Day 295: Stretching. “yoga” type stuff. Foam roller. I couldn’t manage anything else. Hurts to breathe.
Day 296: Walked at school. Killing time. Was too cold to do it outside, as the cold air is painful.
Day 297: Tried some pistol squats (ahhahahah, no energy!). I just fell over. Did some easy air squats and lunges. Went outside and swept the porches -COVERED IN LEAVES-picked up small sticks and started a fire in the fire pit. Felt good to be outside and move around.
Day 298: Walk. Outside. Yes. I will! Might do it while shopping, if I have enough energy for errands. Priority: lunch with a real human!


My First Double (marathons)!

Day 292 & 293


Friday: Drove to Indy, picked up my friend Big Al from the airport (flew in from outside of El Paso). We went to the expo, had great thai food for dinner. Great to see him, I ran 3 marathons with him in 2008-09 the first time I lived there. Went back to the hotel and I waited for Jenn & her friends to arrive.

Day 292: Indianapolis Marathon! Woke up and it was cold and raining. Horrible marathon weather. My shoes were SOAKED before I even got to the race site. It was windy. And cold. The only thing that made it tolerable was having friends to run with. Al and I hadn’t run a marathon since Bataan ’09, our paths have come close, but haven’t passed since. Our marathon times are usually in the 4:30-5:30 range depending on difficulty, but I knew I was going to be slow today since I was sick. I told him to go on by mile 1. I hung with Jenn, Shawn, & Alex for a while. For the first half we all kind of flip-flopped, me and Alex for a while. I ran with Halbert & Peter (Maniac friends) for a little bit. Then Alex & Jenn made a CVS pit-stop so Shawn and I continued for a while. Then someone else went to the bathroom, etc. etc. I kept feeling worse and worse. Our group pace was slowing and it was hurting me more. Finally at mile 16 when it had stopped raining and the sun was peeking out, Shawn and me left our pack and forged ahead. At mile 19 I needed a big porta-potty stop, so I told Shawn to go ahead. I was actually looking forward to the last miles alone, at my pace. I did some sort of 3-4:1 interval and got it done.
5:27:48. Definitely not a good showing for me, but I was conservative with being sick and having another marathon the next day. Nothing really ‘hurt’ though. I was just tired and BEAT UP from the bad weather the first half of the race.

^ I really don’t know what I’m doing with my arm here. Also, not a real smile. (Got this pic from Jenn)

POST RACE: I dropped Al off at his airport hotel so he could catch his Sunday flight back to ELP. I drove on down to Louisville, about 1hr 45min.
I took Halbert’s advice and ate ALL of the post race fare (3 pieces pizza, 1 hamburger, beans, cookie), then had another big meal for dinner (hamburger & fries & beer) at Kentucky BBC brewery in downtown Louisville.
I got to my hotel, took an ice bath, laid in bed with ice cream and medicine to knock me out of my misery.


(I was really worried about getting enough calories in, for real) The Aquaphor is for my nose and lips, which are raw from 3 days of constant drainage.

Day 293: Louisville Marathon!
Another poor night of sleep. My cold had gotten worse. I woke up in cold sweats at midnight and 0130. Woke up again at 0200, 3 and finally for good at 4. I was preparing for a miserably long day.
Got to the race, got my packet, and stayed extremely overdressed: tech shirt, long sleeve t-shirt & fleece jacket.
I had a plan and I was going to stick with it. If I could focus on the ‘plan’, it would give my mind something to worry about rather than how I felt (bad) or my legs (heavy!). 2:1. Run 2, walk 1. For the whole 26.2 miles. I had done this Galloway method with my friend Denis at St. Louis marathon 2 weeks ago (it was his plan) and it worked really well. So, I was glad to have this distraction. I usually walk aid stations in races, but not this often. My legs didn’t feel ‘good’ until almost mile 6. Took a while to warm up and shake out yesterday’s marathon. I kept my jacket on until mile 14! I knew my body wasn’t responding well to being sick, but I wasn’t having trouble breathing, so I wasn’t worried. 2:1, 2:1 for hours and hours…hahaha. Bathroom at mile 4 & 12. Again at mile 16. At least I was hydrated. The aid stations were every 2.5mi so I’m glad I had my handheld bottle.

I never got down. I never got lonely. It was a gorgeous fall day. Many times it was like I wasn’t even running a marathon, I was just a person running along a path. Sure, it’s much more fun running with friends, but when it counts, I know I can dig it out. There were no spectators, no one cheering me on. Definitely no friends to fill the miles with laughter. Just me and a gorgeous fall day. And my runny ass nose.
Screen Shot 2013-10-22 at 9.34.10 AM

I leapfrogged with a woman, running about a 11:45 pace. She NEVER took a walk break (that I saw). She never wanted to chat, but I told her I was run/walking and eventually she would drop me (haha, not). At mile 17ish, I passed her and never saw her again. I stopped the 2:1 at mile 25.5ish. I didn’t want to push too hard since I was sick.

I could not be more pleased with how it went. I went into this weekend with the only goal of, “survive.” After Indy’s 5:27, I wanted to keep Louisville at 5:30 or under, as close to even split as possible. I figured being sick that this was a big enough goal. My “secret”, “if everything goes perfect” goal was to run 5:25, a small negative split.

Indianapolis: 2:40 half, 5:27
Louisville: 2:39:39 half, 5:07:32 TWENTY MINUTES FASTER!! HOLYSHIT!!
I’m not putting all my splits, because no one cares, not even me.
I am very pleased I negative split the second marathon, and even more pleased I negative split the weekend. AND, while sick. Sure, I’m paying for it now, but dang, that’s a confidence booster.

Then this happened.
I went to Whole Foods after the race and had a big bowl of chicken noodle soup & salad. Stocked up on veggies for the week. And this is all I wanted for dinner. See that kale? It was on sale and I washed it. Sat right there on the counter while I ate my ice cream.

2 marathons = 2 beers.

Bye 2012! (aka: December Excuses)


This last month of 2012 has been a whirlwind and not in the amazing, romantic ways. Sure, there was tons of fun, but for the most part it was spent sick or criss-crossing the country. As I’m sitting here on NYE, reluctantly writing this post, I am mad at myself for 1. putting this post off, 2. not having enough time to actually write it, and 3. not having a fun, ‘grand plan’ post for the New Year and my CHALLENGE!! Oh well, there is tomorrow, the 1st. ­čÖé

Let me recap my horribly crazy December:

Dec 1-6: Finals. For those of you who are strangers (welcome!), I am a 31 year old full-time student. Again. It’s a joy going back to school with 18-22 year olds. Trust me. Or not. Ok, it’s not terrible, but I feel old. Anyway, back to Dec.

After my last final on the 6th, K (my other half, probably better) and I went STRAIGHT to the airport, with an hour to spare. Had a glass of wine. Boarded our flight for our “Anniversary/His 32nd Birthday” trip! 2 weeks on the Left Coast. A week in SF to visit my dear friend Luis, who is recovering from Brain Surgery #2. You see, him and my Hubs share this horrible affliction & affinity for brain surgeries… then a little over a week driving up the PCT/Highway 1 to Oregon, a big hiking road trip! Super stoked.

We arrived on the night of the 6th. On the 7th we hit up Zombie Runner: trail running store Mecca!, did some CrossFit, went to his CF Holiday Party. 8332173484_993a9b5d33_n

8th: Stupidly did the hardest race I’ve ever done: Coyote Ridge trail run (marathon) at Muir Woods (started at Muir Beach). I┬ásmartly dropped from the 50k to the marathon, before the race, when I realized the “only extra 5 miles” would probably take me about 2 extra hours! NoThankYou.┬á(I won’t write a race report, but let me say: worst.race.ever. I was dehydrated, EXHAUSTED and felt BAD. After┬á20something┬ámarathons, I know when ┬ásomething is wrong)


Dec 9: I woke up sick. K’s birthday! Toured SF: different neighborhoods, Chinatown tea tastings, Golden Gate, etc. Had a birthday sundae at Ghiradelli.

10-12th: SICK AS A DOG. I could barely hang on while sightseeing (we did go to Alcatraz, K got a tattoo, and tons of fun stuff, but we both felt like sh*t!) There was no way I could spend over a week hiking up into Oregon. We cut the trip short, got a last minute flight, and arrived home on the 13th. Also the day K came down with my horrid sickness.

14th: went to my brothers (4hrs away). Yes, I was home less than a day and left again. My SIL had her baby way too early and we went to help: not have the baby, but cook, housework, etc. I was still sick, so I couldn’t see the baby who was in the NICU.

17&18th: home for 48hrs. Feeling better. Laundry like a mad woman. Packing.

19th: Trip time! Again. 16+ hours of driving to surprise to the in-laws in Ohio. The highlight was stopping at CrossFit Mayhem  (home of Rich Froning!) in Cookeville, TN! So fun!


19-25th: Christmas time in Ohio. Saw good friends, no major family blowups (this is huge).

26th: home

27-30: back to my brothers to see the baby, cook, etc. SIL is out of the hospital, but baby Aubrey is still in NICU.

31: Home. Writing this post.

SO. There it is. My grand plans of hanging out with my friends on New Years, running some stupid back-to-back marathons went out the window when me and K were both sick for over 2 weeks. We were nice and showed up unannounced at K’s parents at 11p went to Ohio when we started to feel like we weren’t disgusting people to be around.

I’m super excited for the 1st! I think I’m excited for my 365 workout challenge. Right now, I’m looking at it as one day at a time, one week at a time. Now, time for bed, I’ve got a big year ahead!