Bye 2012! (aka: December Excuses)


This last month of 2012 has been a whirlwind and not in the amazing, romantic ways. Sure, there was tons of fun, but for the most part it was spent sick or criss-crossing the country. As I’m sitting here on NYE, reluctantly writing this post, I am mad at myself for 1. putting this post off, 2. not having enough time to actually write it, and 3. not having a fun, ‘grand plan’ post for the New Year and my CHALLENGE!! Oh well, there is tomorrow, the 1st. ­čÖé

Let me recap my horribly crazy December:

Dec 1-6: Finals. For those of you who are strangers (welcome!), I am a 31 year old full-time student. Again. It’s a joy going back to school with 18-22 year olds. Trust me. Or not. Ok, it’s not terrible, but I feel old. Anyway, back to Dec.

After my last final on the 6th, K (my other half, probably better) and I went STRAIGHT to the airport, with an hour to spare. Had a glass of wine. Boarded our flight for our “Anniversary/His 32nd Birthday” trip! 2 weeks on the Left Coast. A week in SF to visit my dear friend Luis, who is recovering from Brain Surgery #2. You see, him and my Hubs share this horrible affliction & affinity for brain surgeries… then a little over a week driving up the PCT/Highway 1 to Oregon, a big hiking road trip! Super stoked.

We arrived on the night of the 6th. On the 7th we hit up Zombie Runner: trail running store Mecca!, did some CrossFit, went to his CF Holiday Party. 8332173484_993a9b5d33_n

8th: Stupidly did the hardest race I’ve ever done: Coyote Ridge trail run (marathon) at Muir Woods (started at Muir Beach). I┬ásmartly dropped from the 50k to the marathon, before the race, when I realized the “only extra 5 miles” would probably take me about 2 extra hours! NoThankYou.┬á(I won’t write a race report, but let me say: worst.race.ever. I was dehydrated, EXHAUSTED and felt BAD. After┬á20something┬ámarathons, I know when ┬ásomething is wrong)


Dec 9: I woke up sick. K’s birthday! Toured SF: different neighborhoods, Chinatown tea tastings, Golden Gate, etc. Had a birthday sundae at Ghiradelli.

10-12th: SICK AS A DOG. I could barely hang on while sightseeing (we did go to Alcatraz, K got a tattoo, and tons of fun stuff, but we both felt like sh*t!) There was no way I could spend over a week hiking up into Oregon. We cut the trip short, got a last minute flight, and arrived home on the 13th. Also the day K came down with my horrid sickness.

14th: went to my brothers (4hrs away). Yes, I was home less than a day and left again. My SIL had her baby way too early and we went to help: not have the baby, but cook, housework, etc. I was still sick, so I couldn’t see the baby who was in the NICU.

17&18th: home for 48hrs. Feeling better. Laundry like a mad woman. Packing.

19th: Trip time! Again. 16+ hours of driving to surprise to the in-laws in Ohio. The highlight was stopping at CrossFit Mayhem  (home of Rich Froning!) in Cookeville, TN! So fun!


19-25th: Christmas time in Ohio. Saw good friends, no major family blowups (this is huge).

26th: home

27-30: back to my brothers to see the baby, cook, etc. SIL is out of the hospital, but baby Aubrey is still in NICU.

31: Home. Writing this post.

SO. There it is. My grand plans of hanging out with my friends on New Years, running some stupid back-to-back marathons went out the window when me and K were both sick for over 2 weeks. We were nice and showed up unannounced at K’s parents at 11p went to Ohio when we started to feel like we weren’t disgusting people to be around.

I’m super excited for the 1st! I think I’m excited for my 365 workout challenge. Right now, I’m looking at it as one day at a time, one week at a time. Now, time for bed, I’ve got a big year ahead!