Day 364. Whoa.

I’ve really failed my blog. That makes me a little sad, as so much has happened this year, but I’m in no way dwelling on it or upset with myself. I can’t change that.

Right now, I’m walking on the treadmill, re-watching Breaking Bad (season 1, episode 6) because someone hasn’t watched the series. I’m re-watching for him. It’s such a hardship.
Day 364: Walking. Treadmill. 1 solid hour.
Knee feels fine (I don’t feel anything other ‘normal’ actually), but my toes are still numb. Between the massive blood blisters (and subsequent dead nails) and the nerve damage from the repeated pounding up and down hills, hitting roots, etc, I’ve got 3 numb toes: both big toes and the second toe on my right foot. Nothing I’m worried about, it hasn’t hindered anything. The feeling will either come back, or it won’t. Whatevs.

Walking. Yay.

This past month I’ve focused on finishing finals, moving back to LA (YAY! I seriously hate Ohio) and recovering from that little race…oh yeah, I did finish! The weather made it tough, and my body hurt is ways I never expected…but I finished! (I’ll do a race report…promise. Can’t say when, but I will!)

Where do I go from here? I plan to:
write a race report
write a ‘year end’ post
write goals for 2014
Will those entries be timely? I don’t know. We’ll see how long I feel like sitting at the computer today and tomorrow.
I’m ITCHING, bad, to start some real workouts again. I haven’t wanted to be lazy, but my knee has been cranky since the race and I wanted to be sure to heal and not inflict any chronic injury to myself by doing too much too soon.


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