Day 364. Whoa.

I’ve really failed my blog. That makes me a little sad, as so much has happened this year, but I’m in no way dwelling on it or upset with myself. I can’t change that.

Right now, I’m walking on the treadmill, re-watching Breaking Bad (season 1, episode 6) because someone hasn’t watched the series. I’m re-watching for him. It’s such a hardship.
Day 364: Walking. Treadmill. 1 solid hour.
Knee feels fine (I don’t feel anything other ‘normal’ actually), but my toes are still numb. Between the massive blood blisters (and subsequent dead nails) and the nerve damage from the repeated pounding up and down hills, hitting roots, etc, I’ve got 3 numb toes: both big toes and the second toe on my right foot. Nothing I’m worried about, it hasn’t hindered anything. The feeling will either come back, or it won’t. Whatevs.

Walking. Yay.

This past month I’ve focused on finishing finals, moving back to LA (YAY! I seriously hate Ohio) and recovering from that little race…oh yeah, I did finish! The weather made it tough, and my body hurt is ways I never expected…but I finished! (I’ll do a race report…promise. Can’t say when, but I will!)

Where do I go from here? I plan to:
write a race report
write a ‘year end’ post
write goals for 2014
Will those entries be timely? I don’t know. We’ll see how long I feel like sitting at the computer today and tomorrow.
I’m ITCHING, bad, to start some real workouts again. I haven’t wanted to be lazy, but my knee has been cranky since the race and I wanted to be sure to heal and not inflict any chronic injury to myself by doing too much too soon.


Oct 12-16th (285-290): another race weekend!

On Sat, Oct 12 I drove to Chattanooga to meet one of my best friends for a ‘girl day’ of a nice lunch and strolling and shopping. We hit 2 parts of town, parking once and walking.
Day 285: walking, 1hr (was about 4hrs in Chatt, but logging one ‘purposeful’ hour)

Day 287: RACE! Georgia Mystery Mountain Marathon

I’m being lazy and copying what I wrote on my other site (that I complained about yesterday). If you’re coming from there…skip over this.

I knew it was highly technical, steep climbs, etc. It’s called “Mystery Mountain Marathon”. I bought some new shoes on Sat as I didn’t think my Minimus would be a good idea for the various types of rocky terrain, and I have Upchuck coming up. Anyway, the shoes were great (Inov8)! My feet felt great. However, I think I’m not used to the higher treads (still a more minimal shoe). I fell twice in the first 2.5mi Hit aid station at mile 3. Feeling ok…mile 4 on a downhill, I hit some rocks wrong and completely tumbled over, with my ankle rolling. It was bad.

Fast forward to me shoo-ing off some guys who offered to try to help me limp along to the aid station, leaned against a tree for several minutes as I could put no weight on it. Thankfully they said going back 1 mile to quit at the mile 3 aid station was a bad idea (since it was a big climb back up)…because hey, it might not be broken and if it’s not, then I’d be pissed if I quit….

So, I limped along until I got to the mile 7-8ish aid station, where I was going to decide if I was going to quit. But, I made it! So, since I made it I decided that my ankle was already F*CKED to hell, and I was finishing this damn state, especially if my year is over (bye, bye Upchuck, bye bye CC100 or another 50m).

I laugh now because I know to most people it’s ridiculous logic (or not logic at all), but I will probably tell people, “if you’re debating for hours if you should go to the ER after the race, the middle of the night when it’s not crowded, or Urgent Care tomorrow…” then maybe you shouldn’t be running. Yes, I’d probably tell people that. But apparently I won’t follow my own advice! I may or may not have decided that “I will not tell Kurt, or anyone what happened. I’ll finish, then go to the Dr, as it won’t change anything now. I have to get off the mountain and drive home anyway.”

Today: my ankle is feeling much better! I now know it’s not broken. Tons of ice (on the 6hr drive home), elevated it on the dashboard, slept with it elevated the last 2 nights. I have a little more ROM this morning, but it’s still stiff. Not as tender to walk on. And no, I don’t follow the “if it was broken you couldn’t walk on it” rule, because when I broke the same ankle in 2008, I walked on it for 2-3 days and went to work, before going to the ER and finding out it was broken.

Day 288: Recovery day. I took it easy in the morning as I didn’t get much sleep. I then drove into town to retrieve my computer from the Apple store repair shop (everything is ok, whew!). I parked on the opposite side of the mall, in the last row of parking spots so I could have the farthest walk to the store as possible. When I got home I did a slow stroll up and down the street as well. So, I more than covered my ’20 min purposeful walk’ requirement.

Day 289: Walked before class. Ankle doesn’t hurt with every step! Just sore and stiff.

Day 290: Raining. Kettlebells and pushups and pullups. Various weights & bodyweight stuff.