Back for real! No, I mean it this time. 119 & 120

I’ve even worked on updating the behind-the-scenes here! I’ve missed the WordPress community.

So, what did I do yesterday? Well, not much, but *something*.
119:  5 one-legged burpees (right). OUCH. Yes, only 5. My quad was on fire and I was out of breath. Definitely counts.
BTW: I do “strict” variation of a pushup in the middle.  Most videos of one-leg I found had no pushup, except the one on that page. But I did pushups.
Kettlebell: push press (one arm, both sides), Russian twist
5 more one-legged burpees. (right)
stretching & rolling.

Today (120): 30min “walking” at the dog park. We were there over an hour, but counting 30min of active walking since we were stopping and chatting with friends. Most of this 30min was the to/from on top of the levee.
Some swings of the KB.
One leg squats, pistol progression work. Right leg only. (This probably isn’t such a good idea. It will only lead to more imbalances. And “probably” should be “is a terrible idea”.)

I may try to get back to the CrossFit gym on Friday. My partner was encouraging me to go today, but I overdid it yesterday trying to bear weight without the boot and am paying for it today. So, I don’t think I’m ready. Barbell, I’m coming for you. Friday. Time to get my bench press on.
So, why are my 2 days so light? Almost classified as normal activities of daily living? Pathetic “workouts”? So weak?

Well. This is why.

One should ALWAYS wear sequins to the doctor.

“use the crutches, use the crutches”

I think it’s “tolerate.” But, I’m not a Dr.

Any guesses on how many times I’ve used the crutches?

I had a small trauma on Friday the 25th, while cleaning the stove.
Poor Cinderella.

Except a stove. Not a broom.

On Saturday I couldn’t flex, bend my toes, or bear any weight. It was decided I needed to get some x-rays since I had a day full of JazzFest’ing on Sunday planned.
My prize for being good at the Dr. was a boot! YAY! Not.

So, I’ll be doing what I can. Will NOT get down and depressed about it as I know it’s very temporary, not major, and will heal. (lets repeat that, I will NOT get down…).

With that, I think I’m done for today. I shall continue to update here, on the pages at the top: races, food, etc and backfill some race reports! I’m over a year behind…but, if I start tackling a little bit every day, I can get it done in a couple months. Hahaha. Right.

Any ideas for exercises with one leg, that will not result in gross imbalances?


Day 1. #2.

Here we go again. It feels a little unoriginal to do this again, but honestly, it wasn’t that bad! The end of the year, Dec. mostly, I really pushed the boundaries of what I considered an acceptable, or ‘valid’ (per my rules) workout. I started sliding to less ‘real’ workouts in Oct & Nov as my marathons & trail runs peaked for 100 training. Dec was spent minimizing damage from the 100miler. So, I’m not too thrilled with my ‘workouts’ for a little under the last quarter of ’13.

Today the weather was gross and the CF gyms were closed. So, just a walk today. I’m fine with it as it hurts to move AT ALL from CF yesterday. I’m so out of shape!
DAY 1: Walking (treadmill) 30 minutes.
20 burpees: I’m doing a 2014 burpee challenge. Averaging about 20 a day, I should be done in April per the ‘challenge’ a friend started on Facebook.

So, I want to do this all over again. I need some specific goals, but I do know this year will include less running (over 800 miles last year, the highest for me ever!) and less races. More weights. More interval (HIIT) workouts. More CrossFit. MORE walking. I want to be more ‘healthy’ and balanced with my physical activity. None of this seems hard to do.

I’m also doing another Whole30 this month. I started today off with 3 fried eggs, some guacamole, 2 pieces bacon, & 1/2 a big Texas grapefruit (the best!). Some days are filled with pretty food. Some are not. Nothing to hide here and definitely not ashamed to show ‘real’ pics. Nothing fake here!
Lunch: hodgepodge of stuff: tuna, celery & Nuttzo, 1/2 grapefruit.
Dinner: zucchini w/ duck sausage, marinara

What’s awesome is having a partner who doesn’t mind doing the errands/shopping. I despise it. So today I get a text, “Do we need anything from the store?” and I reply with, “Spinach would be nice, but it’s not dire.” The good news is he did come back with spinach. The bad news is that he came back with all this too. (I had picked up the bananas and sweet potatoes yesterday, so he doesn’t get any points other than actually getting the spinach) Did I mention Whole30 started today?

Not yum.

Until Day 2, peeps!

Hello, lover.

I’ve been a little busy this week. Nothing overwhelming, but I spent too many days goofing off last weekend. I got behind on my school stuff, so the blog took a back seat. The good news is…I did “training runs”! WHOA. This is very unlike me. Who is this? What blog is this?!

Fun stuff:
I got these a while back, but since I’m not doing traditional lifting or CrossFit right now, I haven’t been able to wear them. They’re going back to my ‘real’ home this weekend, since I don’t have a use for them here. Speaking of…1 more month in this misery of the midwest! I really don’t belong here. I’ve come to appreciate some things about this place, but overall, it seems very much a wet blanket. Anyway, in a month, I’ll be back down South. Back to my CF gym. Maybe even some Masters swimming. Back to the land of 70 degrees in the winter.

My shoes! I love them.
(Even better, I got them at cost/wholesale from a dealer friend. Schaawing!)

Heavy weights, I miss you.

Squats, my ass misses you.

My workouts:
304 (Oct 31): Kettlebell & a walk. KB exercises in the living room.
305 (Nov. 1): a REAL run! A “training” run! WHOA.
With Jim and the Pain By Numbers running group! Really good time. I would gladly train if I had people like this to run with regularly. A lot of stopping & some hills as it was through downtown Cincy at 0630. I was told the run was “9:30-10” pace for the first hour, then 10:30-11:30 for second hour. Well, second hour people didn’t show up so we just stayed out with the same group the whole time. The 9:30 pace includes stopping…so our actual running pace was well under 9min/mi and even pushing sub-8 at points. Kicked my ass!
Didn’t help I only had 2 salads and some roast chicken yesterday. Had Chomps at mile 3 and mile 5ish. I really should have eaten more yesterday.
Mile 1: 9:32
Mile 2: 10:13
Mile 3: 9:27
Mile 4: 9:22
Mile 5: 9:43
Mile 6: 10:07 (think this was around Findlay Market)
Mile 7: 9:20
Mile 8: 9: 10
.5: 8:46 (the others left us in their dust at a 6min/mi pace!)
Overall: 9:31min/mi. 8.5mi, 1hr21min.

306 (Nov 2): Walk. 45min30sec. 3.06mi. With Danielle/Deeej/DJ (whatever she likes to be called…Hi D!!!!) Trying to show her the benefit of just WALKING for mental and physical health. A great outlet and gets one out and ACTIVE, while not taxing your body (recovery days!). Also, improves your walking for races! WALKING: does your body good.

307 (Nov 3): 4mi, 36:54, 9:13 pace. I love running for ‘errands’.
Ran to the store and back. I really need to carry at least mace and possibly the gun. Don’t have my CHL for Ohio though…hummm…might be worth the legal risk if I’m getting attacked.
Running to the store, a group of 4 guys (young men, late teens-early 20’s) heckled me from a front yard. I just ignored it. On the way back, they were walking in the road, towards me. I was a mile from home. I crossed to the other side of the road (big rural highway), and they crossed too. *shit* So…I crossed back and they stopped and I just stared back while running. They were smart to not cross again. But, they yelled very disgusting vulgar things as I ran past. It could be so nice and peaceful here without those kinds of assholes.
Mile 1: 9:29
Mile 2: 9:19
Mile 3: 9:08
Mile 4: 8:52

308 (Nov 4): Kettlebell. I didn’t time it, as I did many sets throughout the day. Definitely more than 5, but less than 10min.
russian twists

309 (Nov 5): Kettlebell & Walk.
KB: 5min. one-arm swings, snatch, swings, SDHP
Walk: with Deeeej after lunch.
2.3mi, 31:40, 13:46pace. Walked faster this time. Was really nice to walk briskly after eating.

310 (Nov 6): Stretching/yoga. The day got away from me. I was going to run 5-6mi, but I was doing stuff around the house and my morning turned into afternoon. Then I was going to run in the evening, but it was raining and REALLY dark. So. Living room floor it was!

311 (Nov. 7): Kettlebell. I’ve got class this morning, then drive the rest of the day.
one-arm swings
2 turkish get-ups (out of practice!)

So…I’m on the road today. It’s EXACTLY 1 month until CC 100. EEEEK. This is my last big-mileage weekend. If all goes well, I’ll have a tough, mostly self-supported 50k on Sat and a 10miler on Sunday. Possibly 5 more Sunday night, or another 10 Monday morning. We’ll see…best laid plans and all that.
But, my motivation? I get to stuff my face after the 50k. Not just for recovery, but my planned 10-15 the next day. There is an awesome ‘gourmet’ donut shop in Chatt. It actually has a retro feel that is far from fancy. They are successful enough they don’t even have to be open on Sundays! A coffee and donut shop that’s closed on Sunday?! Unheard of! But their old-school cake style donuts with crazy flavors are so good. I’ll be getting a couple flavors there Sat evening to use as my motivation to get those miles in Sunday morning. So there it is: donuts.

Bit the bullet.


I did it. I signed up for my 100miler.

I had an inkling that I’d probably want to do it back in Feb, after my first 50miler went so well. I kept procrastinating with signing up. Honestly, it scared me. I know I can do a marathon on no training. I can do one at a reasonably ‘hard’ pace for me (probably more like ‘slightly uncomfortable after mile 20’ pace) and still not hurt and resume all activities the next day. Or do another one. And apparently 50miles isn’t a big deal for me either. I’m not fast, but solidly in the middle-of-the-pack. I feel if I do more of them, I’d get a lot better. I like that distance. Harder than a marathon, but not much more training. With my base, I know I can continue doing them without too much effort or harm.

But this one, I’m scared. I’ve done more miles and races this year than I ever have, and I don’t feel ready. Being sick this past week hasn’t helped with my confidence, as I need to be doing big miles RIGHT NOW. The race is 38 days away. Build time is NOW. Ugh. I’ll do what I can this week and part of next, but I have my “A” race next weekend. I’ve been training for that, instead of the 100 as I didn’t know if I’d arrive at this point in the year healthy. Which is a legitimate worry, as I’ve been very sick and sprained my ankle in the past 2 weeks. So, there is that to worry about.

My biggest hesitation is that running this many miles, this often, is that it isn’t exactly healthy. Or, it’s not healthy for me. I would venture out to say that running this many miles, doing 50-100miles several times a year…isn’t healthy for anyone. I think most of us ultra runners realize that. We do it because we’re not right in our head. We like the pain. Not to be ‘healthy.’ We like the suffering. And we like to come out on top of it all.

So, doing 100 goes against my New Years Promise to myself, to be HEALTHY. I’ve been conflicted with this for many months because I know it’s not the most healthy thing to do. However, I am in really great shape right now despite having put on 10lbs in the past 2 months. Again: running this many events/miles isn’t healthy! The calories one must consume to do these and not get injured, over-trained, or sick (ahem), and the inflammation and stress it puts the body…is not conducive to losing (or maintaining for me) weight. I’m carrying so much ‘bloat’ (I call it ‘carb bloat’) from the races, it’s not going down or away, despite eating well during the week. I’m taxing my body and it’s hanging on….BUT. I know how to fix it. After the 100, apparently.

Since this blog is supposed to be about my workouts, here they are:

Day 299: Kettlebell! Whew, the 15lb feels heavy. Definitely not 100% yet. I did this while watching the TeamUSA v. World CrossFit competition online. I. MISS. CROSSFIT. I can’t wait until Dec when I can go back to my gym.

Day 300!: I should have done something special. Bummer. I didn’t realize it was 300 until I was writing this.
I did Kettlebell again. Easing back into it, post-sickness.

Day 301: CHORES! I did some KB today, and I was so amp’d up from watching too many episodes of Breaking Bad that I had to get out and do something destructive. I moved a chopped down tree and all it’s branches from the front driveway area to the backyard next to the fire pit. Then I started a big-ass fire. It was awesome.

Day 302: Kettlebells. Did various sets of swings, SDHP and presses with the KB. I’ve been binging on Breaking Bad and when I get worked up and can’t sit down, I pick up the KB.

Day 303: 2 RUNS!
Interval run. Since I signed up for the 100 today, I need to get back to running again even if I’m not 100%.
Do a lap down the street, then back to the house for chores/homework.
Haven’t run since Louisville 1.5 weeks ago. Ugh. Hate being sick.
lap 1: .36, 7:39 pace (a little rough)
lap 2: .37, 6:55 (whoa)
lap 3: .37, 7:04 (got heckled by some punks, scared me a bit that they were going to follow me, based on what they said. Wish I had my gun on me, it was that bad.)
lap 4: .36, 6:56 (kinda scared after the last round)

RUN #2, on the track at school. I didn’t want to run in my rural neighborhood, don’t want to see those gross men again.
Mile 1: 8:37
Mile 2: 8:00
.4: 7:45
I kept telling myself to slow down. I said, “Yo! Slow down, yo! Easy pace, b*tch!” (breaking bad, I can’t shake it). I didn’t listen. Still wasn’t a hard effort! I had planned on running about a 9-9:30 pace, but I just went…

Yeah, starting ‘official’ training 38 days out is a great idea, right?
(I kid, I kid, I did 4 marathons in Oct, 1 in Sept & 2 50k’s in Sept. 5 more during the summer. Decent base miles!)

So, time to train up to out-run some gators!


Where I’m at

Gosh, I’m really kicking myself for abandoning WP for so long! I’ve missed it here. I’ve enjoyed catching up with my Reader this week.
Day 289-290 (Oct. 16 & 17): easy walking. Not feeling great (sore throat & a slight cold) and making sure my ankle is healing.
Day 291 (today): some KB, couple pullups, light weights & walking (at packet pickup in Indy)

So, where am I at? I’ve been exploring what I really love, realizing things I miss and what I may want to focus on for next year:

  • I’m considering doing 365 again for next year! There’s always room to grow and change. I was trying to decide what direction to take this blog and/or my life after this year of great changes, and well, I don’t want to stop. If I stop 365, where does that take my blog title? Easy solution: do it again since it hasn’t been a burden.
  • Physically: I’m in Ohio, away from my partner. (And yes, I usually use ‘partner’ instead of ‘husband’.  We each hold each other with a high level of respect, and room to each be our own person. While I do believe he possesses many great qualities I do not, I don’t like the term ‘better half’. I don’t sell myself short! I bring many things to our partnership. We each have our own athletic and life pursuits, different hobbies. The most important thing: by being secure in MYSELF, I respect his choices and don’t ‘need’ him to be happy with myself. He enhances my life, the one I make for myself. But gosh, I do miss him.)...Many twisted things fell into place (or fell out of place) and I ended up here, practically in the frozen tundra of Canada (I like to live south of the Mason-Dixon unless I’m in the mountains or the NE), and he is living next door to my family eating things like deer stew and crab stuffed flounder. Twisted and cruel I tell you! I get to go back in Dec, and we don’t plan on doing a geo-bachelor situation again. Life is too short, and while 3-4mo isn’t that long and we have seen each other, it’s not cool.

That’s my driveway. Good luck finding it.

  • Running: I’ve logged more miles, and more races, this year than ever before. Still not a ton of training miles, but I’ve registered and done almost every marathon or ultra I could this year. I surpassed last years running mileage in Aug or Sept. Pretty awesome.
  • CrossFit: I don’t have access to a CF gym here in Ohio. The closest ones are an hour away. SUCKS. Since I’m traveling or doing races almost every weekend, I do not want to drive to the Box a couple times during the week. The week is downtime and catching up on school time. Definitely something I miss and will fiercely start up when I get back to LA! I have a real pullup bar, a small amount of weights, a KB and plenty of room to run. Fitness can happen anywhere!
  • Friends: doing so many races has made me closer to a lot of my running friends, and I’ve met some great new ones. Being here away from him has given me time and a vigor to see people I haven’t seen in years! I’ve seen my best friend more in these 2 months than the last 4 years. Race pain and suffering can help you find your new best Race Friend. Or, even better, when you can click off 26miles with someone you met the day before and talk the whole way! St. Louis marathon 2 weeks ago was just that, and even better, a solid 4:53 marathon the week after a TOUGH 50k. That was done at a very comfortable effort and 20min faster than what we were expecting. So awesome that our brains turned off what we thought we were going to do, and look what happened. It was only 9min slower than my fastest race of the year, with just a month & 2 50k’s in between.
    Denis and I ran the whole way together, and it was great! Oh, stories that come out after 4hrs of sharing pain.

Have a great weekend! I hope my first “Double” goes well. That’s 2 marathons. In 2 different states. Forecast is 38-55 degrees tomorrow morning…with rain. Yuck! Ciao!

May 1: new month, new goals

I’m here. I’m not dead. I haven’t quit my 365 workouts challenge. Although, I did seem to “quit” the blog for a while. Then when I kept realizing I needed to blog, I kept putting it off. Oh well, such is life of a procrastinator. I will go back and finish my entries for the past…what, 60 or so days? More? Eeeek.

In the meantime I have been focusing on school (all A’s this semester!), my food, and my workouts. I’m seeing great gains in my body. Now, I’m no low body-fat bodybuilder, or superstar Crossfitter, but I *NEVER* thought my 1 year ago 175lb self would be where I am today. I never would have thought I would be my smallest since high school.

This has been my motivation to blog again. If I never would have imagined being where I am today, where can I be at the end of this year? I still have 8 months to go! That’s TONS of time to change a body.

Here is your warning: there are pictures of me in a bathing suit on this post. They’re not great. I’m not perfect. This is a huge step for me, part of me still can’t believe I’m going to post them. I am not looking to ‘brag’ or show off (far from it!), but rather try to celebrate and embrace the body I have now and continue to work on making myself healthier. And that means mental health too. So, say it with me, “I love my body. I love my body.”  This brings me to, Day 1…

This month I’m doing a little photography challenge, that’s fitness related. Disclaimer: I have NO photography skills. My iPhone sucks because it’s been dropped so many times, including submerged in the toilet once. That said, it’s fitness related and will keep me motivated to improve myself and to blog.

What else…I’m at the end of my 2nd Whole30 of the year! It’s going well. I didn’t document the food as much as I did last time. I will do another recap though.

Today for my exercise, SINCE THAT IS THE PURPOSE OF THIS BLOG, I took a walk with my cousin. We went 30min, 2.31 miles. 13:20 pace. Being the beginning of the month, I probably should have done more, but I wasn’t feeling it. Since this month has been food focused and 50miler recovery, my workouts have been much lighter. That’s ok, I’ve got big things coming! Doing a marathon in 2 weeks, then a 50k June 1, probably another marathon in the summer as well. Upping my run mileage!

Back to MAY. 

Lets start my food today, Paleo/Whole30 stuff:
I had venison cabbage rolls for breakfast w/sauteed greens. No pic, sorry. They don’t look that great, but they taste good.

Lunch was a kale & salmon omelette with 2 pieces of bacon. Delicious!

Dinner was smoked chicken legs and more sautéed greens.
I’ve had so many greens lately, this has been a staple.


Now, for my May 1 fitness pic challenge. Entries, “BEFORE.”
(be nice people, no photoshop or editing! How many of you are putting non-covered up bathing suit pictures on the interwebs? Not many.)

Unfortunately, I do not think I’ll ever have a complete hard midsection. Being 175lbs a little over a year ago, and also 9 years ago, I think I wrecked my body in that way. Oh well, I guess I’ll always have a little pouch of loose skin around my belly button.
Or, get a tummy tuck when I win the lottery.

I call this, “my tire.” Get it? Heh. I love it. Not my stomach, but the picture.Image

This, my Photoshop-talented, friend TJ made artsy for me!

And finally, here is a progress pic. My handstands are improving, as is my midsection!

Welcome to May! Kick it’s ass everyone!


Days 59-66: My New Toy!

I solely wanted to write a post about my new workout toy, but then I realized I should probably go ahead and blog my workouts, because, well, that’s what I’m supposed to be doing here.

SOOO, since I get super excited about anything, I want to talk about my toy!

My friend Jacob sent a picture of a tire drag he made. I was floored. BRILLIANT! And who already has a tire junk yard in her backyard for flipping, for hitting with sledgehammers, for throwing…this girl! How had I not thought of this?! So, this week I was preoccupied with making the perfect tire drag(s) – plural because every girl needs assorted sizes.

Who wants to know how to make a tire drag? Or a drag tire? Whatever. Call it what you want.

First, go to your local junkyard. Or semi-busy highway. A road where you see tires! If you start keeping an eye out, you’ll start to see discarded tires everywhere! Ok, not everywhere, but pretty often. All my tires were free! 2 came from the junkyard, but the rest were discarded tractor & 18wheeler tires.

Next, get them home and clean them. This isn’t a necessary step, but you’ll be glad you did. Otherwise, you get nasty junk all over you and your clothes whenever you handle it. I suggest a bucket of water and bleach, some light scrubbing with a brush or rag. Pretty easy! Hose it off. Take about 5min for a small tire (regular car tire) or…a lot longer for a 300lb tractor tire 🙂


Then, weigh your tire(s). I prefer to do this after cleaning. You can do it before, and save you a step or two… as I ended up taking one back to the junkyard in pristine condition because it was too big. However, it was better than getting really dirty.

Also, weighing your tires in your pajamas–purple skull pants and hot pink tie-dye  Honey Badger shirt–is essential.

Then, have a strapping man drill a hole in your tire. Or, do it yourself if you don’t have one of those handy. It’s not hard.


Here are the rest of your materials: rope. A 1/4in washer. A carabiner. A bungee rope with the carabiner attached to it. A weight lifting belt OR harness.
Put the washer inside the tire, tie off a knot in the rope.
Make a loop around the belt, attach to carabiner. Attach the bungee between the belt and the tire rope.
That’s it!


Final product!

(photo courtesy of Jacob: I don’t take pictures that pretty)


Then…try it out! Up and down the street! It’s FUN!
(oh, and super hard. ugh)


Going to a gravel path is a little easier. Also, the levee is our ONLY hill for many miles. At least 50. We’d have to drive several towns NE or W to find some things people would call “hills”.
I’ve since made the rope a little shorter. In these pictures, I have the bungee attached, that’s why it looks REALLLLLY long.
8538475776_b177b3be07_nThe backside of the levee, as you can see it’s reinforced with concrete. It’s really steep and terribly hard to pull the tire up that concrete wall. I had to go up at an angle.


And finally….

When you get really tired, tie a dog to the front of the belt!
It’s ok, he really liked it.


Felt pretty lazy this past week with my workouts. There wasn’t much of a focus, but I had 2 tests to prepare for. I felt tired as well, I think the 2-a-day CF workouts caught up with me. Of course, today (the 7th) my legs are really tired from the tire work the past several days!

Day 59 (feb 28): treadmill desk walking. 2hr 50min. Watched several tv shows from the night before. I love walking early in the AM to catch up on the shows I sleep through at night; since I go to bed well before 10!

Day 60 (mar 1): treadmill desk walking: 2hr. Working on schoolwork.

Day 61 (mar 2): Run.
1.5mi with the dogs. 15min, 10min/mi. Ridiculous. My other half is out of town for several days and I just can’t handle going out with the dogs–together–by myself. They’re just too big and run too fast!
(Oh, take them one at a time you say? Sure. Then whomever is left will CRY and whine very loudly! It’s pathetic. They *KNOW* the leash and collar and knows that means A RUN!, and they are very upset when they are left. Dog people problems.)

Day 62 (mar 3): Kettlebell. 15min. 10 sets of: 10 swings, 10 goblet squats to push press (kind of like a KB thruster)

Day 63: (mar 4) CrossFit, sorta. 15min. + stretching, 15min total for the day.
Warmup: 50 jumping jacks, 20 lunges, 10 burpees, stretching: 5min @ CF.
Strength: 1 RPM. Warmup & build up: bar, 65lb, 95lb, 120lbs. Stopped at 120, my hip was killing me. Aggravating an old injury I guess.
Since the WOD was more squats, I called it a day.

Day 64: (mar 5) Tire drag “run” x2, treadmill desk walking.
Tire Drag, 46lb small tractor tire:
First try (10am): .5mi, 10min. Up and down the street. Too heavy. Cement isn’t optimal.
2nd run: 2mi, time: 27:23, 13:41min/mi. On the Mississippi River levee. The gravel is a better terrain for pulling the tires.
Treadmill walking: 45min while watching Biggest Loser from the night before.

Practically falling over trying to get up the levee. Horrible.


Day 65: (mar 6) Tire drag run, home CrossFit, treadmill desk walking
Run: 1.2mi, 12:33, 10:28 pace. Pulled the 25lb tire. Much easier than the 46lb, but still hard!  Planned on running 2-3, but my legs were TI-RED. They were more tired from yesterday than I thought.
CrossFit @ home: 5 rounds: 10 sledgehammer (5 each arm), 15kb swings. Time: 4:41.
Treadmill desk Walking: 1hr 15min. Watched some TV in the morning while walking.

Day 66 (mar 7): CrossFit @ home. Felt like a cop-out. Really feeling like I need some purpose rather than throwing stuff together.
3 rounds
10 sledgehammer (5 each arm)8539595014_f75df5a78e_n
10 KB swings
10 burpees
5 tire flips (the smaller tire, too tired for the huge one)
time: 5:52
These are my big tires, the ones I hit and flip. I hit, do box jumps and (sometimes) flip the huge one. The smaller one is for flipping and throwing when I’m tired.

Week in review: LOVE my new toy. I think trying new things, changing things up, and just keeping it fresh, is going to be key for the rest of the year. Every couple of months I’ll have to put a new life into this. Even with the excitement of the tire, I’m feeling very…without purpose this week. I can’t go back hard into workouts as I’ve got a big race in 2 weeks. So, this feeling will continue as I “rest” for that. I won’t use the word “taper” since I don’t actually train in a race specific way. 🙂

I’ve GOT to be a better blogger.

Days 45-58.

I’ve got no excuses. I just haven’t felt like blogging. School is in full swing and it feels like a luxury to ‘waste time’ and blog. I don’t believe it’s a time waster, it’s a creative outlet I need to continue.

It took me forever to write this post, because I’m so far behind. Putting the pictures into Layout, formatting and using the right ones, sending them to Flickr, then uploading here…takes a long time! ANYWAY, tons of catching up to do! So, read if you like, or just look at the goofy pictures. I’m caught up and will NOT be letting myself get this far behind. New rule: 1-2 posts per week!

Day 45 (feb 14): CrossFit, home workout. Felt good! Finally starting to feel ‘recovered’ from the race.
4 rounds:
25kb swings (25lbs)
565m run (around the big block, mapped it out!)
Time: 14:40. The run totaled 1.4mi.

Some Valentines CrossFit love:


Day 46 (feb 15): CrossFit, home again. Walk.
Walked the dogs 2miles at the dog park.
Warmup: 400m jog, bodyweight stuff (squats, pushups, etc)
3 rounds
1130m run (.7mi)
5 burpees
10 thrusters (45lb bar)
Time: 16:57. Run total: 2.1miles.

8514729478_20cbe59727_nLets ignore the tissue on the ground, shall we? My dog likes to pull them out of the trash.

Day 47 (feb 16): Benchmark WOD. Stretching/Foam roller (10min).
9min AMRAP
7 KB swing
7 burpees
50m run.
Again, the burpees are always my limiter. Ugh
TOTAL: 7 rounds, +7 KB swing +2 burpees.
In Sept. I did 6 rounds + 7 swings. Decent improvement.

Day 48: (feb 17) Kettlebell. Handstands. Stretching. 
KB: 50 sumo deadlift high pull, 50 swings
Handstands: Practice. MAJOR breakthrough. All of a sudden, I was “getting” it and able to hold them, without a wall, for much longer than before! WHOOO HOO!
Stretching: splits practice & foam roller.
Now I want to get my splits since my handstands are getting better. I have a long way to go though.


Day 49 (feb 18): CrossFit x2! (at the Box & at home). Stretching.
Warmup: 400m run, 20 push press w/25lb plate, 20 air squats, 20 burpees, stretching…
13min AMRAP
100m run
5 ground-to-overhead
5 front squat
5 push press
5 back squat
Total: 8 2/3 rounds. AWESOME WOD. Finally feel 100% again.

(SOMEONE forgot their workout clothes and had to wear my short shorts! Ha! Lets point and laugh!!)
WOD #2 (home): 
as much in 11min as possible:
800m run
50 situps
75 air squats
100 pushups
I did:
800m run
50 situps
75 squats
70 pushups.
I bet in a couple months I can get through all of it, doing the 100 pushups. They were all “real”, no modified, no knees, etc.
Stretching: Foam roller.

Day 50 (feb 19): Run. Stretching.
Run: 2.01 miles, 18:25, pace: 9:10. Easy little jog to move my legs in a running-type motion.
Mile 1: 9:13
Mile 2: 8:57
Felt like I could have easily kept a faster pace or sustained what I was doing.
Stretching: Foam roller. My legs needed it! Owwwie!

Day 51 (feb 20): Swim! Stretching.
: 750m, 15min, 2:00/100m.
100, 100 breast, 550 pull.
Shoulder wasn’t feeling great. So sore from sandbags Monday.
Stretching: light stretching.

Day 52 (feb 21): CrossFit x2 (Box & home). Stretching. Treadmill walking.
Walk: treadmill while watching The Americans. Love my treadmill desk!
Warmup: run 400m, samson stretch, duck walk, 50 jumping jacks, 10 burpees
STRENGTH: 4×4 front squat (did some bar & 65lb warmup)
85, 95, 105, 110! Whoop. Haven’t done that in a long time. Felt pretty easy. Should try my 1RM soon.
100m run
15 burpees
30 wall ball (12lb)
Time: 13:09. Second fastest female, RX, as of 5p. Whoo. Couldn’t have caught #1 girl, she did 11:19.
CF @ home:
3 rounds
15 kb swings (44lbs)
10 double unders
0.3mi run
Time: 12:49
Was going to do 5 rounds but this was taking longer than I liked. Wasn’t feeling “fresh”.
+2min for warmup (DU’s, some swings, & K taking pics for blog)
Stretching: light stretching & foam roller.

Annnnnnd, as proof I don’t just use the “best” pictures, here’s some…notsogood ones:

Day 53 (feb 22): Treadmill walking. Kettlebell. Travel day to my brothers. Will be a “minimum” day.
Treadmill: 30minutes. Walked while doing some computer work in case I couldn’t get a real workout in.
Kettlebell: 35lbs
5 Sets of 10’s:
Deadlift high pull
R & L arm snatch

Day 54 (feb 23): CrossFit 318, Monroe. Drop in at the Box by my brothers house.
Warmup: run 400m, bunch of sprints: high knees, butt kicks, side shuffles, duck walk, skips, etc etc. Don’t remember what else. Some other stuff.
Saturdays at this gym are “Partner WOD’s”. Pretty fun. K was my partner, his weight was 135lbs, so he had to walk with his 40lb weights and put them on the bar after I did my 100m walk. (it was out-and-back)
3 rounds:
42 wall balls (12lb for female)
36 box jump
24 burpees
100m front rack walk (95lbs)
Time: 20:56
One person working at a time. It was BRUTAL! Love it. My quads are FRIED. We did these same exercises on Thursday at my Box and I was already a little tired. Now…they hurt. Oh Rhabdo!

None of the pictures from the workout came out (blame the photog), so, you get ones of me playing on the rope swing! Let me just say again, that WOD was BRUTAL! Also, it’s not my fault that races give out neon shirts. I do have other colors, promise. I guess I just don’t wear them.

Day 55  (feb 24): Yoga. Stretching. Two different ‘stretching’ times. Drove back home from my brothers, then had a family party for my late grandmothers birthday.
Yoga: 20min. practice poses, splits work, handstands.
Stretching: focused on hamstring stuff w/foam roller.

Day 56 (feb 25): Swim. Run. Stretching.
850m. 15min. 1:46/100m.
Fast swim! My 50’s were 40-45sec, my 100’s were around 1:40! I don’t think I’ve been this fast…ever.
100 warmup. Mostly setting up lane ropes for the lifeguard, she didn’t want to get in the pool.
2 sets of:
50, 100, 200. Rest same amount of time each set took.
1.47miles. Sprints.
30 sec sprint, 2-3min rest (walking back to the start). Usually around 3. I think I did 8 sets.
Felt great!
Made or exceeded my distance on every set.
Stretching: nothing special. Just stretching.

Day 57 (feb 26): Walk: 1.5hrs. 30min sets throughout the day.
Not feeling well. I’ve been having “major” digestive issues. Felt exhausted and never confident to do a hard workout without having bad side effects!


Day 58 (feb 27): Walk. CrossFit.
Walk: 1hr 40min on the treadmill.
CrossFit: Warmup: 20 lunges, 50 jumping jacks, 20 GHD situps, 10 air squats, 10 squat jumps
WOD: 175 box jumps. Oh dear. This was horrible! Well, it was fine really, but mentally very hard to get excited about just doing box jumps. Probably how many people feel about just doing a 5k for time and such.
Time: 11:29

ALL CAUGHT UP!!!! YAY! I still need to write some food posts and a race report. Eeek! I should do that before my next race…

Day 34-44. Procrastination & race recovery.

Feb. 3-13
I knew I wouldn’t blog for a while after my 50miler, as the week would be focused on rest & recovery. Very light workouts, thus, a boring blog entry. Well, then I just never felt like writing it up since it was so boring.

Now, I *have* to write this or I’ll be too far behind. So, sludge through it if you like, or don’t. It’s pretty boring! I purposely skipped writing day 33, as I’ll be following this up with my Rocky Raccoon race report (Feb 2) and another food entry.

Day 34: (feb 3) home CrossFit & foam roller
Day 1 post race! My body is TIRED.
Tabata KB swings, went light, 25lbs
Tried a couple pushups, could only do about 3! My body wouldn’t let me do them.
10min of foam roller. OW!

Day 35: Swim. 8470608271_3c6591c626_n
600yds, 13min, 2:10/100. Kept my 100’s under 2:00. 450 pull, 150 kick board.

(driveway recovery-proven method, post-swim hair. walking the dog)

Day 36: slow jog & walk.
1/2mi jog in my Luna sandals! They feel good. Then, walked the dogs for 20min. Legs felt good after I loosened them up with the jog.

Day 37: Swim & massage* (I am not counting “massage” was a workout, 8470733103_d193aa3d22_nFYI, just logging here as part of recovery)
700yd, 16min, 2:17/100.
Post massage swim. Felt pretty good.
100wu, 450pull, 150kickboard.

*massage with feet. She walked on me. Stood one me, while holding those bars. Ouch! Felt fabulous.

Day 38: CrossFit @ home, Walk & “dancing” at the parade!
CF: tabata snatch, alternating arms each set, 25lbs (4min)
Walk: 30min walk with the dogs. Jogged about 1/4mi in there too.
Dancing: danced my butt off at the Muses parade. Carried kids on my shoulders for a couple hours too. Definitely a fun ‘workout’!

Day 39: Walk & foam roller (stretching)
1hr walk at the park w/the dogs. Lovely day!
Stretching & foam roller in the evening.

Day 40: Run
1mi, 9:26. In my Luna sandals!

Day 41: CrossFit @ home
4 rounds:
15 kb swings
300m run
20 air squats
Time: 9:38
+ 20 more squats to make it an even 100
end time: 10:06


Here we have my lovely outfit: bright green shoes, black & hot pink calf socks, bright orange compression shorts under purple shorts, a maroon race shirt, AND a gold sequin headband. Classy, people. Classy.

Day 42: CrossFit @ home
Didn’t feel like driving to the Box since we don’t have school this week.
Warmup: bar & low weight squat cleans
6min AMRAP, 1 min rest, 6min AMRAP (13min total)
6 squat cleans (75lbs first round, 65lb second round)
6 pushups
7 situps
Never, ever think “Oh, those are low numbers, that’s not very long, this will be quick and easy.” NOT. No. No.

8470621041_f4f6683067_nDay 43: Walk & stretching
Didn’t feel good today, I slept SO much! Made myself walk the dogs.
30min, usual 1.5-2mile loop.
Foam roller.

Day 44: (feb 13) RUN. I ran to get my moms car from the repair shop. I *LOVE* running to run errands. It feels so free and with purpose. One of my favorite things rather than just get in the car!
5.52mi, 55:43, pace: 10:05
1: 11:00
2: 10:26
3: 9:58
4: 9:48
5: 9:34
.52: 8:55
I didn’t feel great, but I am pleased with my negative splits. Started to feel better after mile 2.

Ran to the levee, the Mississippi River levee, 4 miles to the next town to the repair shop. Here we have one of the several plantations in our Parish (the only state to call counties, parishes) and the river. It was a nice afternoon.


Finally a food post!

I’ve said many times this month I’d write a food post, what and how I eat, etc. Then I realized that I should wait to see how this month went before committing to put my, what conventional people call: crazy, out there for everyone to see. I’m going to show you WHAT & WHY I eat what I do! This is probably my most wordy post yet, but there will be pics, promise! BEFORE & AFTER pic at the bottom, if that’s all you care about. I will be doing this each month (or I plan to) this year!
(I will say, this works FOR ME. If you think it’s crazy, that’s fine. But, I’m HAPPY with my choices, my body and my athletic performance. I don’t have health problems. I did when I was training for Ironmans on SAD: standard american diet. I think this speaks for itself)

Since 2009, I’ve mostly eaten a Paleo or Primal diet. It’s not a “diet” in the (wrong) definition of a fad way of eating with the goal to lose weight. “Diet” does mean the types of food you habitually eat. Anyway. I do not eat this way to just lose weight (although it usually is a nice side effect). The problem is, during various times of my life since 2009, I’ve fallen off that way of eating. Usually during stressful or major life changes: breaking my femur, leaving the military, moving, moving again, moving again…you get the picture.

So, back in Sept. I went back to my beloved way of eating and started getting myself healthy again. Then in Dec I realized I needed another challenge, thus this 365 project was born. AND I realized I needed to clean up my eating habits, and how I look at food, again.

To coincide with my new 365workouts project, I started the year off right with Whole30. What’s Whole30? You can read about it HERE. The short version is that it’s a nutritional, emotional & habitual reset by eating REAL FOODS: meat, fish, eggs, fruit, healthy oils, some nuts! Think you’re addicted to sugar? This is for you. Addicted to junk food? This is for you! I’ve never been a big junk food, soda, fast food eater, but I do enjoy nice rich meals, decadent desserts and, as a native Texan, my beloved chips and queso on occasion. (swoon)

Since today is the last day, yes I know I’m technically posting this about 12hrs early, I thought it would be good to put it out out here for you to read. As expected, I hit the typical withdrawal (not too bad), the anger phase, then it was 8428867001_467758005b_nsmooth-sailing for the rest of the month. The only challenges were my 2 marathons (WHICH, is NOT recommended on Whole30 because you’re resetting your body nutritionally, not focusing on working out/weight loss, as outlined in “It Starts With Food” <—link. BUY it. I have no financial interests in it either!). However, this is my 2nd or 3rd Whole30 and I’m not new to this general way of eating, so I wanted to try it. PLUS, if I want to continue this way of eating (and I do/will), I need to see how I can incorporate this into my Marathon Addiction (Marathon Maniac #674!). AND, if you’ve read the other posts…I executed them in perfect Whole30 form! Major props to myself on that.

Ok, who is ready for food? I’ll take you through some of my meals this month! 

(preface: I do not eat meals in any particular order. If I feel like having a salad for breakfast or eggs and bacon for dinner, I eat it)
Typical breakfast: Coffee (no cream or sugar!), leftovers of meat/veggies, eggs: boiled, scrambled, salads. Yes, salads for breakfast! Delicious.

I try to make my food as colorful and varied as possible! No brown processed foods.
What we have here (clockwise): black coffee (coconut milk is allowed in Whole30, but I like my coffee black), 2 fried eggs, morning salad, 2 pieces bacon for ‘dessert’, sautéed kale under 2 eggs w/hot sauce, 2 boiled eggs, bacon, Texas Rio Star Red grapefruit (the best grapefruit!). 

Lunch: meat and veggies. Or usually a BIG salad, which is usually meat and veggies.

(What we have here: salad w/sautéed shrimp, shrimp hot pot from a restaurant, ground beef & veggie stuffed poblano peppers, another big salad!) 

Sometimes I’ll have 2 smaller meals. A smaller breakfast, then something after a hard CrossFit workout. Sometimes, if I’m traveling, I just have to eat what is 8430054446_1ec6f78cea_navailable. It might just be a piece of meat.
(sausage, chicken & mashed cinnamon sweet potato, pre-marathon steak & shrimp!, bacon wrapped chicken & sweet potato: both chicken & sweet potatoes were post-CrossFit workout)

MORE SALADS. And my dinner last night! Which, I have to say, was SO good. The sauce was a reduction of the pork juices & marinade I made. Out of this world!
(fresh veggies from the CSA, a 3lb container of salad–you will NOT be hungry after that, and my dinner last night, Day29: sausage stuffed pork loin w/broccoli)

Dinner: more of the same as what my lunch looks like. But, here’s some pics of meat! A pot roast I was searing before putting it into the crock pot and a pork belly about to be cured for homemade bacon, and the finished product!


I guess I could go through the typical Whole30 benefit list. It reads just like all the others you may have read:8430252500_c93c9271d7

  • IMPROVED ENERGY! (I wish I could have this flashing!) I rarely have a need for a nap anymore. Sometimes I’ve tried when I know I could use the sleep, but I just can’t. I don’t wake up groggy in the mornings. I *HAVE* to get up and out of bed.
  • HAPPY. I’m generally happier. Less mood swings. I don’t think this is 100% directly related to the food I’m putting into my body, but important to the whole: I’m happy to be eating good-for-me real food, I’m seeing benefits & results, I’m energetic = HAPPY!
  • Clearer skin. My skin isn’t perfect, and I can’t out-eat genetics, BUT, I’ve minimized my breakouts (ugh, even in my 30’s) and I get compliments that my skin looks “good.” (meaning ‘better’ than it used to be)
  • No big cravings. Sometimes I really crave salads. Or boiled eggs. But never deserts.
  • Body Change. This is what most people usually want to know/see. But, that’s not what Whole30 is about. Sure, it’s a nice side effect, but this is about being HEALTHY. And for some of us, that means needing to drop a few lbs. I have dropped a few pounds (UPDATE: -7.8lbs on Jan. 31). I know my body has changed. My loose belly is dramatically reduced, my boobs are smaller. Just yesterday, my formerly “skinny” jeans that I had to *SQUEEZE* (and not flattering) into last year, were much looser yesterday! As I instinctively went to puullllll the waistband to button it, I was floored to see and feel that there was an extra inch or two of room where my belly used to be. WHOA. What a great feeling! ………

I think I would have lost a few more pounds had I not done 2 marathons this month (much added stress & metabolic disruption), but I still saw progress.

So. There it is. If you have any questions about Whole30, I’d say go to their website for more info, as I am no expert. However, I can share with you MY experiences that I’ve had the last several years!